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Product Review: RealSatisfied

May 21 2012

Agent ratings is a relatively new concept, with a variety different approaches. Unlike many providers in the “agent ratings” category, RealSatisfiedRealSatisfied is not focused on posting public-facing comments online. Instead, they are collecting data and using it to generate reports so that agents and brokers can track their progress and pinpoint areas for improvement.

RealSatisfied is useful for both agents and brokers. We took a look at the platform from the agent’s perspective first. The first thing an agent sees upon logging into RealSatisfied is the Agent Dashboard:


As you can see, the most prominent information is the agent’s ratings for: Overall Satisfaction, Recommendation Rating, Performance Rating, and Testimonial Return Rate. The graph shows the agent’s score vs. the overall office score and the national average. Within the dashboard, agents will also see testimonials that have been recently returned and their overall activity.

Broker Dashboard
When brokers sign into RealSatisfied, their dashboard displays all the members of their team. They can then select a team member to get more specific information.


From within RealSatisfied, they can look at statistics for each agent’s buyer and seller clients, as well as facts about how long they took to sell each property, etc. They have over 80 real-time reports to choose from for each agent.


Brokers can also see reports about marketing sources to determine where people are finding out about their company. This can help clarify ROI and develop a marketing plan.



The Survey
In order to create all these reports, RealSatisfied obviously needs data, and a lot of it. Where does the data come from? Surveys. So let’s talk about the RealSatisfied surveys now.


The surveys from RealSatisfied are sent via email to past clients. The emails are sent from RealSatisfied as a third party (not the agent), which the RealSatisfied team says ensures that people are more honest with their feedback and are actually more likely to respond in the first place. (By the way, they note that their current response rate averages over 50%% in the United States.)


RealSatisfied currently offers 7 different surveys:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Lost listing presentation (we love this idea because, although it’s often the most difficult feedback to hear, it’s also often the most valuable for growth)
  • Landlord loyalty (for rental professionals)
  • Tenant loyalty (for rental professionals)
  • Landlord Placement (for rental professionals)
  • Tenant Placement (for rental professionals)

These surveys can be sent by admins (on the broker’s end) or by the agent, depending on the settings dictated by users. This is what the simple form for creating a survey invitation looks like:



RealSatisfied is also working Reece & Nichols for whom they are using an API (a fancy way to refer to an interface that allows different software programs to “talk” to eachother) to pull data when a transaction is closed and automatically send a survey request so neither the broker nor the agent has to do it. This functionality could soon be rolled out to additional brokers.


Agents and brokers can track completed and pending surveys from within the RealSatisfied system. When a survey is complete, they can view it as a .pdf.


Is RealSatisfied Right for You?

There is a select group of agents who feel totally comfortable with the concept of online ratings and are eager to put reviews in front of sellers or buyers. However, many agents still feel uncomfortable with the thought of opening their reputations up online, the vulnerability that goes along with that loss of control. It’s a rational fear, as most agents will inevitably face some negative comments.

RealSatisfied offers agents a way to educate themselves about how their past clients feel, how they can improve, and allows them to “dip their toes” into the ratings world. We should note that RealSatisfied intends to provide a publishing capability for agents and brokers to publish and promote their ratings, results and testimonials via a variety of method including website feeds, widgets and wordpress plug-ins. Once available the agent and/or broker would have control over which data they wished to publish or promote.

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