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You’re Doing it Wrong: 6 Real Estate Technology Mistakes

April 18 2012

Guest contributor Michelle Costa of Showing Suite says:

ss keyboardMany agents consider themselves "real estate technology gurus," but just because you have a website and a Facebook page does not necessarily mean you are utilizing them correctly. Nowadays, agents must learn how to take advantage of technology – everything from Internet marketing and savvy use of the MLS system, to making a home's details and photos attractive and accessible to potential buyers through mobile technologies. What ways can you avoid making real estate technology mistakes? Take a look at the most commonplace mistakes:

1. QR Codes: This is one of the most widely misused real estate technology methods. One of the most common mistakes is when a QR code does not lead to a mobile friendly web page. This completely defeats the purpose, since QR codes are meant to be scanned with a mobile device. Also, we've witnessed agents sticking QR codes in places that aren't exactly the most well thought out--like on a car, for example (accident, anyone?!).

2. Blogging: Having a blog is a great start, but you need to be sure you are actually using it. If you don't frequently post on your blog, it is actually hurting you more than not having a blog at all. Be sure your blog is properly optimized as well by targeting the right keywords in the body and title of each post, and include images in each post.

3. Social Media: Don't forget that social media is about connecting with people, not pushing a product. Social media is not a contest about who has the most followers/likes, but rather to engage with your network of followers who are interested in your company.

4. Website Traffic: Forget the mindset that a website by itself will generate leads and traffic. Without proper SEO tactics, your real estate website will just get lost in the never ending sea of websites. To gain traffic, you need to create a strategy, and utilize organic search, keywords, and paid advertisements. It's best to take some time to learn about SEO techniques, or hire an agency.

5. Listing Photos: Pictures are the first thing any home buyer is interested in seeing. Unless you also happen to be a professional level photographer, leave this up to the experts. The worst thing an agent can do is use their camera phone, or take grainy, unprofessional photos of a home.

6. Smartphone: As a real estate agent, you're always on the go, which means you need quick access to emails, property listing photos and details. Without a smartphone, you are missing out on providing your clients with instant information, which could potentially hinder the sale.

Beyond all these mistakes, the absolute worst thing you could do is avoid technology all together. Don't be overwhelmed! Real estate technology is always growing and changing, you will not know everything right off the bat. But you simply can not solely rely on the old-school marketing techniques from the 1980s. By avoiding all of these technologies, to put it bluntly, you are killing your business. There are plenty of free and easy to use resources and real estate tools online to help you get started and improve your business.

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