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Listening is Gold

listening goldI think everyone needs to listen more, especially Real Estate Agents.  We seem to focus more on what we offer and can do, rather than listening to the needs of our clients.  When we listen more, and talk less, we have an opportunity to put the client first, and also turn that listening into gold.

I am not stating this is the case for ALL Agents, but some. When I first talk to my clients, I try to ask questions, and really listen to their answers, writing notes the whole time.  I keep a spiral notebook with all my client contacts, and put the start end dates, and retain these.

I have 11 years worth of such books stockpiled in my home office.  Today you can use a number of client relationship management (CRM) software to store client information. It is a good reference for future contact from the same clients, when I can say “Well in 2004, you wanted a 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bath house, with 1.5 acres, but then decided to wait – what are you seeking now?”  That never fails to impress my clients.  It shows them I do care, still care, and I did listen.