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6 Real Estate Scripts (and When to Use Them)

March 05 2024

One persistent stereotype about real estate agents is that they're hyper-social creatures blessed with the gift of gab. While it's true that many agents are people lovers who like to talk, simply being talkative isn't necessarily a talent. Instead, knowing what to say and when to say is a skill that's learned — especially in business situations.

Continuous improvement in communication skills leads to business growth! In the video above, Jimmy Burgess, CEO of BHHS Beach Properties of Florida, offers six scripts to help you keep honing your communication skills. Each script addresses a different scenario that you may encounter in your day-to-day business operations:

  • Re-engaging buyers who have ghosted you
  • Engaging homeowners in social settings to subtly inquire about their selling intentions
  • Script for speaking with homeowners during calls and at open houses
  • Leaving voicemails for home buyers who may be on the fence
  • Leaving voicemails for homeowners to encourage callbacks
  • Script for uncovering inventory for your buyers

If you're hesitant to use a script for fear of the conversation seeming inauthentic, Burgess suggests rehearsing the script multiple times to make it flow naturally.

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