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Step 3: Capture More Buyers with Full-Motion Home Tour Videos

June 28 2010


In an effort to empower real estate agents to convert online listings to leads, published the 6-Step Online Optimization Plan 6-Step Online Optimization Plan. This report covers the following topics:

  • Intro: Get more buyer leads from your online listings
  • Step 1: Generate more buyer leads with photos
  • Step 2: Get more calls with Persuasive Property Prose
  • Step 3: Capture more buyers with full-motion home tour videos
  • Step 4: Getting online home buyers to your Open House
  • Step 5: Your social network is still your #1 profit center
  • Step 6: Increase exposure, increase buyer inquiries

Following step two of this report, step three discusses how real estate agents can harness the power of video to sell more real estate.

Today’s home buyers want more in-depth information when searching for homes – it’s the reason most buyers search online. They know they can get more pictures, neighborhood information and now even videos. Videos do something that virtual tours can’t – give you a feel of what it’s like to walk through a home. Best of all is that you don’t have to be a professional filmmaker and you don’t have to spend a fortune. This special guide will help you create a professional full-motion home tour video.

Why are full-motion home tour videos so crucial to your real estate business?

  1. More than 150 million Americans (more than half the U.S. population) watch videos online each month.
  2. Americans watch over 14 billion videos online each month.
  3. 70% of home sellers indicated that they would be more likely to list their home with an agent who offered a full-motion video home tour.
  4. Currently, less than 1% of agents in America offer full motion video home tours.
  5. Video elevates your professional standing and demonstrates a greater “perceived” marketing ability.
  6. The competitive advantage for agents who offer video is astronomical due to the lack of adoption by 99% of REALTORS®.

How to shoot a full-motion home tour video:

  • Make a shot list of a property’s most important attributes.
  • Clean and de-clutter (make sure that the homeowners have prepared their home for the “scheduled” shoot).
  • Shooting the video:
    • Schedule the shoot for the morning or late afternoon, a time when more light is entering the home.
    • Open all drapes and blinds and turn on all lights.
    • Avoid stationary “pan” shots that emulate the feel of a virtual tour.
    • Give the viewer the feel of what it’s like to walk through the home. Steady the camera by placing it on a “closed” tri-pod. Hold the tri-pod just underneath the camera. Hold it loosely so that it dangles freely in your hand. Now you can shoot steadier handheld shots.
    • Shoot from different vantage points around the room and select the best shot later.
    • Make your images look professional by changing the view (get low to the floor, stand on a chair or move furniture around to make things interesting.

  • Step-by-step instruction:
    • Need additional help in shooting your own full motion home tour videos? Go to to watch our FREE, “How To” video.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Your videos don’t have to just be seen on®. You can also entice buyers to contact you by promoting your videos on your yard sign flyers.
  2. Americans watch over 14 billion videos online each month.
  3. You’re providing a unique service. You will stand out from the competition and impress home sellers looking to work with the most innovative agents.
  4.® also has a special program enabling you to display your listing videos to a large audience of buyers and sellers.

To learn more about®, please click here.

Your 6-Step Online Listing Optimization Plan includes how to: