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Double Down on These 5 Marketing Basics to Start Your 2024 Out Strong

January 02 2024

ire marketing basics start 2024 strong2024 is here, and as we set our sights on a new year, we also set them on new possibilities. It's important to take time to reflect on what went well in 2023, what could have gone better, and what you'd like to try out next. As you review your business, you'll also want to make sure your marketing efforts are top-notch. Doing so will help ensure your brand awareness, lead generation, and positioning are all on point in the new year and beyond.

Here are five marketing basics for you to focus on and double down on so you're set up for success in 2024.

1. Embrace Time-Tested Tactics

When it comes to embarking on refreshed marketing approaches for the new year, don't be afraid to go back to basics. After all, they work for a reason. Time-tested tactics for agents still resonate well with consumers, and can set you apart in a sea of agents relying only on social media or online marketing efforts.

How can you take advantage of the classics? Let's take a look:

  • Door-Knocking
    Don't dread this, but rather, embrace it! Going door to door in the neighborhood to wish the neighbors a happy new year can go a long way in getting your name and face out there. Think of it like introducing yourself to the neighborhood and go forth. You never know who you'll meet, or how you can help them (or their friend, family member, colleague, and so on).

  • Send Out Postcards
    They don't have to be drab or corporate, either. Get into a free tool like Canva and take advantage of clean, modern, and professional-level designs for your postcard mailers. Print a stack, jot down a handwritten note wishing the neighborhood well for 2024, and watch as your brand recognition grows roots.

  • Create a Call List
    Whether it's cold-calling, reviving stale prospects, or reaching out to past clients, create a call list… and then actually call! The new year is the perfect intro to start a conversation and check in on people. And with it being such a goal-oriented time of year, you have a great opportunity to segue into any changes to living spaces your call list may expect in 2024.

  • Host an Open House (with a Twist)
    Open houses may seem rinse-and-repeat, so how about taking a different approach? Consider setting a "theme" to your open house as a way to welcome in the new year. We're not saying you have to plan it to happen at midnight, but even hosting an open house any time in January can have a nice New Year's ring to it.

Decorate the sign-in table with confetti, wish passers through a happy new year, and hand out those fancy plastic flutes filled with sparkling apple cider. You'll set yourself apart and kick off 2024 by leaving a lasting impression.

2. Embrace the Digital Age

While the classic approaches to marketing should be a mainstay in your marketing efforts, it's equally as important to leverage digital marketing. Really, the two should work hand-in-hand.

Post regularly on social media and run refreshed ad campaigns. Position yourself as a resource to help your client and prospect base set and tackle their 2024 goals. You can take advantage of one of the most popular forms of media, video, to film YouTube clips and Instagram Reels. Double down on posting consistently, and always engage with your audience.

3. Adapt and Innovate Based on the Market

The times, and the market, are a-changin'. It's crucial you stay on top of shifts in your local market. Not only will this equip you for productive conversations with your clientele, it'll also help shape your approach to marketing.

Market shifts and changes mean you need to adapt and innovate your approach to marketing. You don't want to have marketing activities or content that may come across as insensitive or obtuse, and you also want to make sure you're maximizing your marketing efforts when a shift happens in your client base's favor.

Stay aware and bake in flexibility into your marketing efforts, online and offline.

4. Establish Your Personal Brand

Does your personal brand need a refresh? Or do you need more people to know about it at all? Make your personal brand a priority as you set foot in the new year. Get clear on how you want to position yourself in your local market, and how you want to set yourself apart from your competition.

Then, double down your marketing efforts to establish and reinforce your personal brand. Create and post content that shows you're an expert on market happenings. Share events in the community and highlight local businesses. Engage across online groups, posts, and accounts that are real estate-focused, as well as real estate adjacent. The more you get eyes on and engagement with your brand, the stronger it can become all through 2024.

5. Become a Reliable Resource

Consumers in your market need to feel a sense of trust with you before they even meet you. So, how can you do this? By positioning yourself as a trusted, reliable expert for all things in your area of real estate. Doing things like:

  • Staying on top of the market shifts and sharing your point of view on them
  • Crafting and posting educational content regularly
  • Volunteering, sponsoring, and serving as a voice in the community
  • Providing stellar client experiences they'll rave about

These all add up to positioning you as a reliable resource in real estate, building trust in your brand, and peace of mind you can be counted on for your expertise.

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