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Real AI: Florida, Headlines and The Beatles

August 29 2023

Introducing Real AI -- a human-curated weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate.

AI is Florida's "Rockstar"

wav real ai 20230825 1I just returned from the Florida Realtors annual convention, where the real star of the show was artificial intelligence – apologies to Tim Tebow, the keynote, who was surprisingly quite good.

Agents and brokers packed every session that has AI in the title. When highlighting AI as it relates to public relations in my first presentation ("5 Takeaways to Enhance Your Business with Public Relations"), the crowd actually went, "Wow."

At the Emerging Technologies Committee, Craig Grant, founder of the Real Estate Technology Institute, and I did a one-two take on AI. Craig's talk was "How AI and ChatGPT Are Transforming Real Estate," packed with excellent practical examples of AI touching nearly every part of the real estate ecosystem.

My 20-minute talk was "AI in Real Estate: Where we are now, where we are going," and also touched on some of the social, ethical, regulatory and legal obstacles ahead.

The committee typically has 50-60 people in the room, but it was packed at nearly three times that.

The AI in real-time video from Restb.ai that I shared during the conference continues to get a "wow" reaction every time: it is here.

AI headlines

wav real ai 20230825 2

Here's a dozen recent headlines to give you an idea of how obsessed we all are about AI right now:

Speaking of AI as a "Rockstar" .... How long will it be before AI-creates a new in-person Beatles concert?

Read this, this, and this.

Image from Reddit:

wav real ai 20230825 3

AI Take Four: Cool tech tools

(Shoutout to Craig Grant, Reti.us, for many of these sources)

D-ID – Video AI: Uncomfortable on video and not a one-take wonder? Generative AI allows you to upload your photo to create your own talking avatar – or use a template – and then type your script to create a video instantly. Test it out with a free 5-minute video. Paid plans start at $60 a year for longer videos.

www.d-id.com – Also: Synthesia – www.synthesia.io

Durable.co – Website building AI: Build a complete website in less than a minute, including images, copy and contact form.


Otter.ai – real-time transcription: We've been using Otter for several years, and it keeps getting better and more accurate. Otter now offers free Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams plug-ins to transcribe your meetings automatically.

otter.ai – Also: Tatiq – tactiq.io

Canva – new AI tools: One of the most important AI trends is the integration of ChatGPT (typically 3 or 3.5) into existing popular platforms and software like the Photoshop alternative Canva. Canva developed its Magic Write text-to-image tool with ChatGPT 3. The creation of images and memes for social media has a ton of applications for real estate. It is a free add for subscribers.


AI Company to Watch: Restb.ai

wav real ai 20230825 4

Kevin wrote about Restb.ai in a recent WAV Group blog post, Computer vision is revolutionizing MLSs: The appraisal industry is next. The bigger news is Restb.ai just won the Inman Innovator Award for Technology. Lisa Larson and Nathan Brennan, two Restb.ai leaders, are becoming go-to AI conference speakers as Restb.ai dominates the MLS industry and is now expanding to the appraisal and valuation industry. Keep an eye on real estate's computer vision leader Restb.ai.

AI Quote of the Week

wav real ai 20230825 5

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