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6 quick ways to get started with Cloud Agent Suite

August 22 2023

Have you just signed up for a free pass to Cloud Agent Suite, but aren't sure exactly where to start? Or maybe you're nearing the end of your pass and want to make sure you've taken complete advantage of exploring everything this suite has to offer. Good news: Either way, we've got your back!

Cloud Agent Suite includes Cloud Attract, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX, and Cloud CMA, which makes for a lot of ground to cover. That's why we've compiled six quick tips to help you make the most of your free-pass access.

1. Find new sellers with Cloud Attract

With Cloud Attract, you can play around with creating a custom landing page that will appeal to sellers.

Let's say that your area of focus is Huntington Beach. First, launch Cloud Attract. Create a new landing page, then share it on your social media. When someone clicks and fills out the page, they'll receive a quick CMA email that lets them know you'll follow up soon. Watch it in action:

2. Be the first to know with Cloud Streams

Cloud Streams is a great way to make sure your buyers are the first to know when new listings hit the MLS via text alerts. But it's also a great way for you to stay informed about market activity. Here's a look at how you can create your first stream:

3. Share your saved searches with clients

Cloud MLX is like an easy button for your MLS. Instead of many tiny checkboxes and an endless cascade of drop-down menus, now you can search the MLS just like how you'd search with Google.

But did you know that Cloud MLX makes it easy to share saved searches with your clients, too? With it, you can share personalized websites (with your branding, of course!) with each of your clients so they can see the latest market activity in their neighborhoods. Here's how:

4. Do your next listing presentations, anywhere

With Cloud CMA Live, you can do your listing presentations virtually (and with interactive features, too!).

Just create a Cloud CMA like you usually do, then click on the "Live" link. Now, you can launch Zoom from inside Cloud CMA and present comps, analyze pricing, and walk clients through scenarios. You can even use the telestrator feature to draw directly on the screen, making it easy to emphasize specific points. Here's how it works:

5. Keep clients updated with Homebeat

With Homebeat, an add-on feature to Cloud CMA, you can send CMAs to homeowners on a regular basis. This report gives them a comparison review of their home and other homes in their area, so they always know their position in the housing market, and you'll stay top of mind when they're looking for that next move.

They can also request free home evaluations and send you a message when they're ready. See it in action here:

6. Keep on learning

We've covered a lot so far in this post, but one thing's for sure: There's always more to learn. Check out our learning resources to watch tons of how-to videos, sign up for live webinars, and access training recordings on demand. For even more resources to help you take advantage of the most powerful tools in real estate today, visit the Cloud Agent Suite site here.

lwolf get started cloud agent suite

These are just a few of the many features that Cloud Agent Suite has to offer. With a gorgeous landing page builder, efficient listing alert system, smart MLS platform, and reader-friendly client material generator, Cloud Agent Suite is ready to help you turn buyers and sellers into long-term clients.

To view the original article, visit the Lone Wolf blog.