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Aidentified Adds Search Filter for Move Date

August 15 2023

Aidentified is a contact management enhancement tool that allows you to monitor your customer base for any changes, append customer records with missing address, phone, email, and household member information, and find new customers. Although big data has been lingering in the background of the AI conversation, companies like Aidentified that tie big data to your data using AI are seeing dramatic adoption.

In a product announcement earlier this month, Aidentified revealed a new feature that allows you to search your contacts by home value or by purchase date.

Search by Property Value

wav aidentified search filter move dateThis is a great feature to use when you are looking for a property for a home buyer. Reach out to all of your existing clients and let them know that you have a buyer for a lookalike home in a given price range.

You know the old story: everything is for sale at the right price, eh? This is a very refined approach to prospecting a listing, by leveraging your buyer pool, as a reason to reach out. I expect that the results will be pretty spectacular. We studied the effect of marketing your pool of home buyers through broker research on reverse prospecting with tools like Percy, HomeBot, and Milestones. It works.

Search by Purchase Date

People move about 11.7 times in their life. I recall from 20 years ago, conventional wisdom satated that people lived in their home for seven years on average. Today, 35% of homeowners live in their home for 10 to 15 years; 16% live in their home for less than five years. The median homeowner tenure is 13.2 years and the average homeownership length is eight years. We can only imagine how rate lock is going to impact these numbers.

One thing that Aidentified has done very well is monitor the internet for signals of a potential move – change in marriage status, job status, great wealth event or other company funding event, etc. This new feature lets you hunt for opportunities.

If you ask any agent today about the duration of time that a contact has lived in their home, the answer is usually "I have no idea." Imagine if you do your reverse prospecting differently. With Aidentified, agents can now search their contact records for customers who have lived in their home for a minimum of eight years. In terms of outreach weighing, those are probably not your best prospects to list for sale.

aidentified 400x73

I think that this new feature in Aidentified is amazing. Here are a few other enhancements from their current release:

  • Phone and email validation for deliverability
  • Sort customer records by U.S. income tax
  • Sort customers by years of experience in current job
  • Tag enhancement (tag customers by clients, favorites, prospects, VIP and suppress)

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