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Plunk unlocks confident investing in real estate

August 14 2023

Welcome back to our "Tips and Tricks Tuesday" series, which highlights articles around a monthly theme. August's theme is "Finding more homes for sale." Read on for tips and tricks for finding business even in challenging market:

plunk confident investingPlunk just announced the launch of Plunk Pro for residential real estate investors, advisors and analysts. This is quite exciting news, since Plunk was only available at the enterprise level through API access.

"Stockbrokers and investors have had access to real-time data for decades and currently deal with an average trade size of $10,000 — which is much less than a real estate deal," stated Ian Brillembourg, Plunk's Head of Mobile Product. "The average sales price of a home in the US was $495,100 as of Q2 2023 — yet until now, there was no way for real estate brokers and investors to have access to real-time property valuation data and analysis," he added.

Plunk tracks over 104 million homes nationwide to give users the most comprehensive home valuation data in real time, in addition to predictive home investment analysis and risk assessment. Plunk Pro is a web- and mobile-based application that provides real-time access to the following:

  • Plunk Home Value: What is this home worth — right now? Plunk's proprietary, Dynamic Valuation Model (next-generation AVM), updated in real time.
  • Plunk Refined Value: Can I improve this home's valuation accuracy? User-generated valuation allows a user to correct or update up to 31 attributes of a home to improve accuracy or play 'what if' scenarios — and get an immediate, refined value.
  • Home Compare: Why is this home worth more or less than the neighbor's? Demonstrates how a home compares to others in the neighborhood, including number of bedrooms, bathrooms and stories, plus finished square footage, year built and home condition.
  • Real-time Market Insights: How is the local housing market performing? Real-time access to median days on market, media list price, price per square foot, inventory, days of inventory and sale vs. list price.
  • Plunk Remodel Value: What is this home's maximum potential renovated value? The future, fully-remodeled value of a home.
  • Project Recommendations: What improvements can be made to increase this home's value? Renovation projects with the best return on investment.

"We're on a mission to unlock confident investing in the largest asset class in the world, leveraging next generation applications of AI and deep learning," said Brian Lent, Co-founder and CEO of Plunk.

Plunk Pro is designed for individual users and small teams. For more information on Plunk Pro visit www.plunkpro.com. Plunk's AI-powered home analytics are also available for enterprise customers via API. For more information on API access, visit www.getplunk.com/developers.

Kurt Kreager has over 40 years of experience in buying, selling, and managing real estate for buyers, sellers, and investors. He is currently a Managing Broker with Coldwell Banker Danforth and a lead advisor on real estate services at Plunk.