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Looking for Better Leads? Remine Pro Could Be Your Best Solution

August 07 2023

Welcome back to our "Tips and Tricks Tuesday" series, which highlights articles around a monthly theme. August's theme is "Finding more homes for sale."

Did you know that Remine Pro (which might be available for free in your market through your MLS!) can help you customize filters to find your niche — the buyer and seller clients you're trying to reach? Learn more about Remine Pro's tools and how to use this powerful resource:

For agents looking to enhance their prospecting strategies and maintain a steady stream of leads, Remine Pro is an ideal solution. By providing the ability to personalize the way filters are applied, Remine Pro offers greater chances to pinpoint prospects in your area, making it an essential tool for maximizing lead generation in a changing market.

One of the many benefits of using Remine Pro is that it provides you with easy-to-access data at your fingertips through your MLS membership. With Remine Pro's search tools, you can easily pinpoint high-quality buyer and listing leads, helping maximize your prospecting efforts.

Tap into data that helps you win more business

When you are looking to find buyer leads, Remine Pro offers several search filters that can help you engage renters and establish yourself as an area expert. For example, by using Remine Pro's Absentee filter, you can target properties that are not owner-occupied, which are most likely being used as rentals. By focusing on the current residents of these properties, you increase your chances of gaining potential buyers.

remine ttt august 1

Absentee Filter

Remine Pro makes it easy to narrow your search by selecting a ZIP code, a specific neighborhood, or a building type. You can also pinpoint your desired area on the map and utilize the Carts feature to send mailers to renters you have identified through this workflow. These features make your prospecting efforts even more effective, allowing you to reach potential buyers with ease.

remine ttt august 2

Mailers with Remine

Pinpoint opportunities on the map and activate listing leads

If you are interested in finding listing leads, Remine Pro offers valuable filters to help you refine your seller search. By using the Ownership Time and Mortgage filters, you can infer which owners might be looking to sell. The Ownership Time filter shows you properties on the selected area of the map based on the length of time the current owner has owned the property, making it a useful tool for finding potential new clients interested in listing their property.

remine ttt august 3

Ownership Time Filter

Remine Pro also offers two filters associated with a mortgage, the Mortgage Age and Mortgage Rate filters. These filters can help you narrow down your search even further by gathering information about the current interest rate of the active mortgage associated with the property.

remine ttt august 4

Mortgage Age Filter

remine ttt august 5

Mortgage Rate Filter

Additionally, you can use the Off-Market filter to filter out properties that are not currently on the market or recently closed. This, combined with the Ownership Time and Sell Score filters, can help predict how likely a property is to list within the next 6 to 12 months.

remine ttt august 6

Off Market Filter

Activate your trusted source for prospecting, Remine Pro

Remine Pro is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your prospecting workflow and keep leads in your pipeline built specifically for agents like you, making it the best resource for finding leads and enhancing your toolkit. So why wait? Find out if Remine Pro is available through an MLS in your market by visiting info.remine.com/contact-us and start taking advantage of these lead-generating tools today!