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Our Top 10 Most-Read Articles of July

August 01 2023

house treeWhat were agents and brokers reading on RE Technology last month? Let's take a look at our most popular articles to find out.

July saw a few debuts: the launch of Threads, Meta's new Twitter competitor (see article #8 below) and the release of NAR's 2023 Member Profile (see article #3). More importantly (to us, anyway), July was the inaugural month of RE Technology's new weekly feature, Tips & Tricks Tuesday, which offers weekly articles around a monthly theme. July's theme was "How to Make More Money with Your Mobile Phone." Check out articles #2 and #9 to see the most-read articles from this new series.

Like last month, our readers again devoured ChatGPT-focused articles. See articles #1, #4 and #7 for the goods.

To discover more of July's most-read articles, see the full list below:

1. Using ChatGPT Is Probably an MLS Violation
I imagine that by now, you have tried ChatGPT. It's a really cool application that takes prompts from the user and generates something else. For example, you can tell it to write a property description and give it some information about the subject property. The problem is that when ChatGPT writes something, you are not the author. Since you are not the author, you do not own the copyright.

2. 25 Text Messages You Should Send Right Now
Texting is one of the most effective marketing channels available and is easy to start using. To help you, we've created 25 take-and-bake message templates you can use today. These templates cover various scenarios, from lead generation and follow-ups to appointment reminders and closing deals. Feel free to customize them to fit your personal style and business needs.

3. NAR Releases 2023 Member Profile
Amid a significant shortage of housing supply in 2022, 32% of Realtors® named a lack of inventory as the most important factor limiting potential clients from making a purchase, according to the National Association of Realtors®' 2023 Member Profile. This annual report analyzes members' business activity and demographics from the prior year.

4. ChatGPT Hacks for Real Estate Agents
Rest assured, ChatGPT isn't here to take your job. Real estate is a people-first, human-centric industry — a robot simply cannot replace the uniqueness and depth of skill and expertise you bring to the table. Thankfully, you can use the increasingly popular chatbot as a tool to support you. Here are some smart ways to partner up with ChatGPT to make your work life easier.

5. 5 Common Tech Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid
Today more than ever, real estate agents rely heavily on technology to engage their clients and streamline their workflow, which helps deliver exceptional services to clients. However, even the most tech-savvy agents can fall victim to common mistakes that hinder their productivity and success. How can agents ensure their tech stays in tip-top shape? Here are five common mistakes to avoid.

6. Friday Freebie: The Power of Google and Your Online Reputation
How easily can real estate leads find you — and when they do find you, what kind of impression awaits them? If your online presence needs a boost or a little polish, never fear! In this Friday Freebie, we're highlighting a free on-demand webinar from NAR that will help you learn everything you need to know about taking your internet presence to the next level.

7. Influencer Approved: 6 Game-Changing ChatGPT Prompts for REALTORS
One tool that has been making waves in the real estate industry is ChatGPT. This article presents you with six game-changing ChatGPT prompts specifically tailored for REALTORS. These prompts have been handpicked and approved by influential real estate industry voices who recognize ChatGPT's potential to enhance communication, generate leads, and provide valuable insights to clients.

8. Meta Launches Threads, a New Social Media Platform
Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has once again made waves in the tech industry with the launch of their innovative social media app called Threads. This new offering from Meta aims to revolutionize the way we connect and share with friends, setting it apart from other major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

9. 52 Resources for Making Money with Your Phone
Real estate agents are always happy to hear about ways to make more money — and in the current tough market, we could all use as much help as we can get. Learn about 52 resources — apps, tips, optimization tricks, and more — agents can tap into to make more money with the help of their smartphone.

10. Instagram Filters and Tools: How to Use Them in Your Real Estate Marketing
It's hard to think of Instagram without thinking of the word "filters." While the use of filters is commonly associated with selfies, filters can be used to beautify all types of photos — including real estate photos. Here's a list of popular Instagram post filters and editing tools, and how you can use them to enhance your photos.