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Unlock Your Real Estate Earnings: Boost Listings with App and AI Technology

July 24 2023

Welcome back to our weekly "Tips and Tricks Tuesday" series, which highlights articles around a monthly topic. July's theme is "How can I make more money with my phone?" Read on to learn more about the latest mobile apps and innovations that can help you be productive from anywhere:

tt july boxbrownie sssIn today's fast-paced real estate industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for success. As technology continues to advance, embracing the latest tools and innovations has become a necessity. Real estate professionals who leverage cutting-edge apps and AI (artificial intelligence) gain a significant advantage — the right tech can streamline workflows, enhance property listings, and ultimately assist in achieving higher levels of success.

That's where BoxBrownie.com's photo app, SnapSnapSnap, and cutting-edge AI Copywriting service come in. The proptech company designed these revolutionary tools specifically for real estate professionals looking for convenient marketing solutions.

Looking to streamline your marketing and maximize results without compromising on quality? SnapSnapSnap and AI Copywriting can transform the way you work and help you close faster and at a higher price tag. Discover how harnessing the power of this technology can revolutionize your property listings and supercharge your earning potential. Get ready to unlock the full potential of technology and take your real estate marketing to new heights.

Transform the Way You Work to Boost Your Bottom Line

Time is money in the real estate business — integrate BoxBrownie.com's tech into your every day to streamline your workflow and maximize your earning potential. Designed for real estate professionals who shoot listing photos, SnapSnapSnap enables users to easily capture professional-quality property photos using an iPhone. Simple, fast and cost-effective, the app features point-and-shoot technology, which eliminates the learning curve and accelerates the photo shoot process. Optimized specifically for real estate marketing, AI Copywriting generates free listing descriptions in seconds, saving professionals valuable time and effort in creating captivating online listings.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Streamline your photo shoots with SnapSnapSnap's automatic HDR bracketing and effortlessly capture multiple shots at different exposures with a single click. AI Copywriting generates optimized listing descriptions tailored specifically for real estate. With BoxBrownie.com, you can leverage the most powerful AI technology currently available on the market and take the hassle out of creating fresh copy. Simply provide the property details, click submit, and instantly receive compelling descriptions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Download SnapSnapSnap and get access to professional photo editing at an affordable price. You can get an elevating Image Enhancement edit for as little as US$1.60 per image or a lead-generating Day to Dusk edit for $4 per image. AI Copywriting is completely free and provides 10 complimentary listing descriptions per month. If you're a regular customer of BoxBrownie.com, you can enjoy even more benefits, maximizing your return on investment.

Get Listings Online Lightning Fast

With SnapSnapSnap, you can quickly capture property images and receive professionally edited photos within 24 for simple edits, or 48 hours for Virtual Staging. Our AI Copywriting service allows you to submit a job form and receive captivating property descriptions in seconds. With lightning-fast turnaround times, your listings will be online and generating leads in no time.

Save Time and Accelerate the Sales Process

Reduce your workload while driving conversions with these cutting-edge tools. Shoot properties efficiently and submit photos for editing directly from your iPhone. Get professionally edited images back in record time and listing copy in an instant. Accelerate the sales process by leveraging professional-quality photos and captivating copy. Listings featuring high-quality images have been proven to sell 50% faster and generate up to 118% more online views. Use this tech and create winning listings that captivate potential buyers and drive conversions.

Generate an Influx of Leads

According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers consider listing photos and property descriptions to be the two most critical elements of a real estate listing. Capture buyers' attention and hold it with stunning photos taken with our app and persuasive listing copy crafted by our AI Copywriting service. Win more potential buyers and have more people clicking on your listings, exploring the property online, and scheduling showings.

Elevate Your Marketing Efforts with Ease

By integrating SnapSnapSnap and AI Copywriting into your real estate workflow, you can revolutionise your efficiency, save time, and increase your income. This cutting-edge technology enables you to capture high-quality property images and create captivating listing descriptions, resulting in more leads and faster sales. Embrace the potential of SnapSnapSnap and AI Copywriting to elevate your real estate marketing in today's competitive market.

Get started with SnapSnapSnap today! Create your free account with BoxBrownie.com and unlock a world of benefits. As a new customer, you'll enjoy four complimentary photo edits — plus get 10 free AI Copywriting jobs every month.