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4 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition with a Presale Renovation

May 22 2023

agent front of listingSuccessful real estate agents know that one of the keys to growing their businesses is to differentiate themselves from the competition. Research from the National Association of Realtors shows that real estate agents who pursued professional development and specialized certifications earn a higher median gross income than those who did not.

One of the most potent ways a real estate agent can stand out from their competition today is by mastering the art of presale renovations. This expertise differentiates you from the pack and catapults your clients' success.

Incorporating presale renovation services into your business model can set you apart from other agents. In fact, a study published by the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics discovered that agents who differentiate themselves by providing additional services and advice about home staging or home renovations sell homes at higher prices than those who do not.

By gaining expertise in this area, you can confidently promote this service within your personal website, marketing materials, communication channels, and social media platforms.

Here are four tactics that will equip you to leverage presale renovations, setting the stage for more listings and higher-priced closed transactions:

1. Build Presale Renovations into Your Listing Presentations

Make sure to have a conversation about presale renovations with every seller. Many homeowners may not have the funds or know-how to make necessary improvements, but a home renovation firm can help them without any upfront costs. These fees are taken from closing when the home sells.

Pro Tip: Share success stories and before-and-after photos from presale renovation projects (examples at Revive.com). This will show the potential value a presale renovation may bring to your clients, helping them make more informed decisions.

2. Reach Out to Past Clients

You know that keeping in close touch with past clients can keep you top of mind and reinforces your image as a resourceful, proactive real estate professional. It strengthens your relationship and opens doors for future opportunities, whether a direct transaction or a referral to a family member or someone they know.

Many agents struggle to find an unobtrusive way to reach out to clients and offer something of value. Sharing your knowledge of presale renovation information can be the perfect reason to reach out.

Many homeowners may be stuck with properties they can't maximize in value due to a lack of funds or repair skills. By reaching out to past clients and offering your presale renovation expertise, you can help them achieve a higher sales price. This can be a win-win situation for you and your homeowner clients.

Pro Tip: Create a targeted email – or local postcard – campaign highlighting the advantages of presale renovations and offering your services to help past clients get their homes ready for the market.

3. Host a Free Online Demo or Webinar

You can reach more people and educate your sphere – including potential clients –about the benefits of presale renovations by hosting an online demo or webinar. You can use platforms like Zoom or even conduct a live Facebook broadcast, which can be recorded for future on-demand views. Engage with your audience during the demo or webinar, answering questions and providing valuable insights. This interactive approach will help establish your expertise and credibility.

Pro Tip: Focus your promotional messaging on the wealth-building aspects of this hot new trend and how it can help unlock homeowners who are stuck and help them maximize their profits when they sell.

4. Launch a Social Media Campaign About Presale Renovations

Creating a social media campaign dedicated to presale renovations also can help you reach a broader audience and position yourself as an industry expert. The key is to create and share informative content, success stories, and relevant tips to engage with potential clients and showcase your expertise in presale renovations. Reach out to a presale renovation firm, like Revive, to access their before and after examples with all the financial specifics.

Pro Tip: Use a mix of content formats, such as images, videos, reels, and carousel posts, to keep your audience engaged. Leverage popular hashtags and engage with followers by responding to comments and messages. Consider collaborating with industry influencers or local vendors to expand your reach and drive engagement.

A trusted, knowledgeable advisor

As a real estate agent, guiding your clients toward the best path for their specific needs is crucial. Don't let them fall into the DIY trap; instead, emphasize the value of working with a presale renovation firm that provides a turnkey service. By doing so, you'll help your clients achieve the highest possible sales price for their homes and establish yourself as a forward-thinking agent who genuinely cares about their client's success.

If you're ready to stand out from the competition and elevate your real estate business, start incorporating presale renovations into your service offerings today.

Remember that differentiation through additional knowledge and skills can lead to better financial outcomes for you – and your clients

Michael Alladawi, CEO and Founder of Revive, is a Southern California real estate veteran with a proven track record as a builder, investor, and respected home flipper. Michael created Revive to share his spectrum of knowledge and help homeowners maximize their profits when selling their homes.