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Step 1: Generate More Buyer Leads with Photos

June 22 2010

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In an effort to empower real estate agents to convert online listings to leads, published the 6-Step Online Optimization Plan 6-Step Online Optimization Plan. This report covers the following topics:

  • Intro: Get more buyer leads from your online listings
  • Step 1: Generate more buyer leads with photos
  • Step 2: Get more calls with Persuasive Property Prose
  • Step 3: Capture more buyers with full-motion home tour videos
  • Step 4: Getting online home buyers to your Open House
  • Step 5: Your social network is still your #1 profit center
  • Step 6: Increase exposure, increase buyer inquiries

Following the introduction to this report, step one outlines the power of photography.  Once agents can harness imagery in their listings, lead conversion is easier.

Taking professional house photos that can impact the sale of a home both on the Internet and in print.

Taking great pictures of a house isn’t just worth a thousand words as the old saying goes, in this case it will impact thousands of dollars in commissions. Photos may have the greatest impact on the sale of a home. This guide will show you how to take photos that will grab the attention of consumers and/or become better at directing a professional photographer.

Key steps:

  1. Understanding the impact photos can have on every phase of the home selling and buying process
  2. Taking pictures that sell
  3. Bonus tips for generating leads with photos

Continue reading to learn more about these key steps...

1. Understanding the impact photos can have on every phase of the home selling and buying process

  • Listing presentation: One of the most effective techniques for getting a client to sign on the dotted line is to engage them and have them help you choose which features will be most impressive to buyers when photographed.
  • Getting the best shots: Deciding which features need to be photographed and then getting the best angle, lighting and staging are crucial to painting a welcoming picture to buyers.
  • Marketing with photos: Getting the right photos in front of the right buyers both online and in print is crucial to making a sale in today’s competitive market.
  • Your next client is watching: Not only are you speaking to buyers who might be interested in the home, the next home seller looking to list with an agent is already judging your marketing skills based on the professionalism of your photo marketing.

2. Taking pictures that sell

  • Make a shot list of a property’s most important attributes
    • Rooms and areas (bedrooms, living room, kitchen, baths, backyard, etc.) b. Key selling features (hardwood floors, granite countertops, swimming pool, etc.) c. Lifestyle (tree lined street, park, etc.)
  • Clean and de-clutter (make sure that the homeowners have prepared their home for the “scheduled” shoot)
    • All desks and counters need to have clutter put away, including coffee pots and toasters, etc. to help make every work area appear spacious
    • Beds and living areas should be made to look model home perfect
    • Accessorize with flowers and throw pillows to add some style
    • Scrub all floors and bathrooms until they shine
    • Touch up any paint blemishes
    • Make sure yard is well manicured
  • Taking the picture
    • Schedule the shoot for the morning or late afternoon, a time when more light is entering the home
    • Open all drapes and blinds and turn on all lights
    • Avoid using your camera’s flash
    • Find a spot that provides the most expansive view of the room and use the widest angle lens or setting (consider purchasing a wide angle adapter for compact digital cameras)
    • Shoot from different vantage points around the room and select the best shot later
    • Don’t just stand there, make your images look professional by changing the view (get low to the floor, stand on a chair or rearrange furniture to make things appear more spacious and inviting

Bonus tips for generating internet leads with photos:

  • When marketing a home on®, your MLS or in flyers, your star image doesn’t always need to be the exterior front of the home. If there is some room or area that is more visually arresting, use it to stand out from all of the other homes for sale in the area.
  • Keep your listings fresh online by changing the photos with the seasons.
  • Post the maximum number of photos allowed on the sites where you market your listings. Often times, on sites such as®, there are special programs that enable you to post more photos than your MLS allows. Those listings will get a higher priority in the search process and get displayed before other listings.

To learn more about®, please click here.

Your 6-Step Online Listing Optimization Plan includes how to: