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Real Estate Hashtags for 2023

May 16 2023

wiseagent real estate hashtags 2023Social media has evolved from a place where people meet to socialize to where businesses conduct their daily operations. The realty world isn't left out either — real estate businesses are now using social media to drive up property sales.

The National Association of Realtors reports that 77% of real estate agents actively use social media. In comparison, 47% of Realtors say that social media brings the highest quality leads than other sources. The study also suggests that more than 90% of millennials start their home searches online instead of in-person referrals.

This means that social media is a goldmine for any real estate business. To ace the social media concept, you need to have a solid strategy to navigate the social media waters. A great way to get started is by using hashtags.

What Are Hashtags?

A hashtag is an extra phrase that you can add to your social media posts. A hashtag is usually written with a hash symbol followed by any additional keyword that you want to add. The feature helps people to track exciting and relevant topics.

Hashtags give your posts more context and depth. They also make your posts visible to a broader audience. For example, if you post a photo of the sun setting, you can caption it as "Sundown. #skybrilliance #sunsetlover," etc. Users who want to find images or posts about sunsets can type the hashtag into the search bar and find the post quickly.

When using real estate hashtags, you need to make sure that you tag your posts appropriately so that whenever a potential client types the hashtag, they can find your posts easily. For instance, if you're sharing a photo of an apartment in Washington DC, the hashtag can read #DCApartments.

Any tenant searching online for an apartment in DC only needs to type in the hashtag #DCApartments, and they will find your listing. If you aren't sure of which keywords to use for your real estate post, you can refer to the following hashtags to help you out.

  1. #home
  2. #homesforsale
  3. #househunting
  4. #apartmenthunting
  5. #homesweethome
  6. #realestateagentforlife
  7. #sold
  8. #dreamhome
  9. #fixandflip
  10. #NYCApartments

General Real Estate Hashtag Usage Rules

Hashtags are not only applicable to Twitter and Instagram. Hashtagging your post on LinkedIn allows you to connect with other agents. In the same light, hashtagging your posts on Facebook makes you visible to prospective clients on Facebook Marketplace.

However, there are limits to the number of hashtags you can use for every social media site. Overusing hashtags makes your post appear spammy to the platform's algorithm. For LinkedIn, you should stick to, at most, five relevant hashtags for every post.

Twitter might have started the hashtags feature, but it also has a limit to the number of hashtags you can use. For non-paying users, the platform allows you to post a maximum of 280 characters including hashtags (paying users can write up to 10,000 characters per tweet). Due to this limitation, you need to ensure your hashtags are relevant to your real estate business and properties. Ideally, you should stick to two hashtags per post.

Facebook users don't actively use the hashtag feature. However, at least one hashtag can drive up maximum engagement for business posts on a site.

If you want to go all out with as many real estate hashtags as you want, then Instagram is the place for you. This social media platform allows you to post up to 30 hashtags for every post.

However, this doesn't mean you should go on a hashtag spree. If you're going to use all 30 hashtags for your post, make them relevant to the real estate business and the home you're selling. Interestingly, Instagram allows you to reverse search some of the hashtags to find prospective clients who are looking for properties.

Things to Note

1. Don't Overuse Hashtags

Overusing hashtags makes your post look spammy, and may result in low or no engagements. It also makes you look like an amateur who is new to social media.

2. Keep Up with Your Competitors

Social media is an ever-evolving business and socializing tool. Every day, new and fruitful hashtags appear, which may be useful in driving engagement your way. Always monitor how your competitors use their hashtags. Keep a close eye on which hashtags they use and which ones receive a lot of user engagement and implement the ideas you obtain to your advantage.

3. Be Specific

General real estate hashtags are useful for driving user engagement. However, to appeal to and find more prospective clients, your hashtags should be specific and targeted. For instance, you can use location-centered hashtags, the home's pet policy and other features to help you appeal to a broader client base.

In conclusion

Hashtags are a powerful engagement tool when used appropriately. They help bring in more views to your real estate posts and ultimately close deals with prospective clients. Always try to use relevant hashtags to avoid getting spammed.

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