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Why You Should Slide into the DMs of Your Real Estate Leads

May 14 2023

Sliding into someone's DMs isn't just for amorous suitors on social media — it's also a great strategy to employ with real estate leads.

And it's as simple as sparking a conversation with interesting posts on social media. Did someone comment on your post about the local real estate market? Reply briefly to them and then take it to their direct messages to get more in-depth.

That's the simplified version, anyway. In the video above, real estate leaders Katie Day and Ken Pozek get more in-depth with Jason Pantana about how they use this strategy in their business. Watch it to learn the specific ins-and-outs of successfully winning leads via direct message on social media.

This video explores:

  • The content that sparks conversations
  • Calls-to-action that work best
  • The importance of social media avatars
  • Identifying leads in your DMs
  • Managing your direct messages
  • And more!