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Listing Presentation with an iPad

January 24 2012

realProAdvisor ipadPresenting your marketing plan on an iPad sounds really cool and high tech, but it’s a bit more difficult than it seems. Oftentimes, listing presentations are with two people and the sleek iPad has a limited viewing area, making it difficult for everyone to see.

Presenting with iPad requires practice

Using an iPad requires practice, practice, practice - not just remembering your verbiage but also swiping while you speak. It's kinda like chewing gum and rubbing your head at the same time.

The other factor to consider: technology does not always cooperate, so keep links to a minimum, just in case there is no Internet connection.

Am I saying not to use an iPad for your listing presentations? Not at all. I am saying that you don’t have three thumbs to present. Not only do the folks need to see what you’re presenting, you need to be able to follow along yourself as well. If you can present on an iPad as well as Howard Chung (in the video below), by all means go for it!

Secure More Listings with the iPad Listing Presentation

You can download the comprehensive® iPad Listing Presentation which enables you to leverage the power of the Internet and® with high impact statistics from NAR. It’s ready-to-use immediately for your next meeting with home sellers. The NAR presentation coupled with you presenting yourself as your area’s community, neighborhood expertcommunity, neighborhood expert cinches obtaining the listing. Just remember to always include the three P’s mentioned in the video.

An iPad is getting more and more affordable

The Apple Store has the latest greatest iPad 2, starting at about $500. Like most technology, the price of an  iPad keeps creeping down as they become mainstream. Of course a white iPad is more expensive then a black iPad - which, by the way, will be covered in a case anyway; so I’m not too sure about the extra couple hundred bucks a white one will cost you.

There is no question that iPads are an amazing piece of technology. The iPad 2 is just 0.34 inch thin and weighs as little as 1.33 pounds, and makes surfing the Web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books super easy. But when it comes to doing your listing presentation with your iPad, just be sure you you can swipe to beat the band and see sideways.

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