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Stay on Top of Your SOI All Year Long

September 21 2021

crm relationshipsWho can tell me what a real estate agent's best source of free referral business is? Exactly, your Sphere of Influence (SOI)! And who can tell me the best ways to keep the well full and the fountain flowing? There are actually a number of ways to stay on top of your SOI, and we'll explore some of them today. But the single trick you most want to remember when it comes to keeping in touch with your SOI is: Recurrence!

For the uninitiated, your SOI is the group of people you already know whom can contribute an almost limitless number of contacts and networking to help you find clients. There is an innumerable list of people that can make up an SOI. Anyone from former teachers, your spouse, your fraternity brothers, coworkers at an old job, the guy who runs the landscaping service you use, the person who stages your sellers' homes, your extended family, and so many more in between. The trick can be keeping those various plates spinning at the same time; a dropped plate could mean a missed opportunity.

Not everyone is ready to buy or sell a house today—right now. And you aren't always going to be top-of-mind for your SOI when the time comes when someone they know is ready to purchase or unload.

Scheduling a sphere of influence marketing campaign can ensure you are automatically staying in touch with them all year long. It's recommended that you keep your SOI list right around 150 people. This ensures you can maintain meaningful relationships with these people. Some companies will even guarantee extra closings if you consistently send real estate mailers to your sphere every month.

Planning ahead can be as simple as understanding who makes up your SOI and figuring out the best ways to stay in front of them. Sometimes it's a conversation at the coffee spot, or attending HOA meetings in amazing neighborhoods, or just taking the time to answer a question from someone who's "thinking" about selling, but not ready yet.

But the absolute key is to stay in front of them, making your contact with them predictable and commitment-free—and by all means wash, rinse and repeat.

ProspectsPLUS! knows the power of repetition. That's why recurring outreach is critical and will ensure your SOI knows you're their go-to for real estate referrals (and rewards). Learn more about their 3 Extra Closings Guarantee here.