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Beg, Borrow and Ditch the Rent: Why Today's Sellers' Market Is Also Good for Buyers

August 11 2021

highnote gregory irelandIf you're a real estate agent, you've probably used the term "sellers' market'' multiple times this week. Sure, the market is favorable for sellers right now -- but that doesn't mean that buyers can't benefit as well. Maryland and Washington, D.C.-based real estate agent Gregory Ireland says that renters should "scratch, kick, beg, and borrow" to get on the property ladder, even in today's market conditions.

Gregory tells his clients that it's also a very strong buyers' market because interest rates are extremely low now and rents are increasing faster than mortgages, so buyers should take advantage of it if they're able.

"We're very honest and we make sure they make smart decisions. It's important to remember that when everything settles, it's just going to be the buyer and that property. So they have to be happy about the decisions they've made," says Gregory.

He holds "Ask Me Anything" sessions, online seller and buyer seminars, and virtual happy hours that enable him to have conversations with people who have lots of questions but feel they have nowhere to ask them.

He also uses the presentation application, HighNote, to further inform buyers on what's happening in the market.

"We send them a buyer's consultation package on HighNote. It has information in there that can really educate them and then when I follow up, I can refer back to the material in that presentation and answer any questions," says Gregory.

Gregory uses HighNote presentations for home valuations and listing pitches as well, and loves the analytics it provides.

"I spoke to a person on the phone and I told her I would send a package of information. I received an email saying she had opened up the presentation, and it was so great to see that. Then I saw that she was looking at it a second time. The analytics told me the two areas where she looked the most. So I knew I would focus on those areas the next time I spoke to her," he says. "She said the presentation was excellent and I won the listing! It was like magic. I was so excited."

Gregory says that technology like HighNote not only helps attract new clients, but to simplify and streamline processes as well.

He also believes that his company's use of technology, coupled with marketing and great communication will continue to be a powerful differentiator moving forward -- helping him continue to grow and be a top-of-mind resource even if the market starts to shift.

Gregory emphasizes that it doesn't matter what kind of market it is, your client still deserves your best.

"While we definitely want them to select us and show that we're qualified, we make it clear that it's really not about us – it's about the buyers and sellers. We love educating people about the value of home ownership and how it's 100% attainable," he says.

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