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BoxBrownie Releases Its 2021 Listing Visual Marketing Analysis

August 05 2021

Here's a terrific report from BoxBrownie about the best ways to visually promote your listings for all ages. You can read an excerpt from the Preface below and then download the full report here.

BoxBrownie ListingVisualMarketingAnalysis 2021I have heard a lot of criticism of the National Association of Realtors over the past five years in the USA. Of the many countries I have travelled to, the NAR would have to be the organisation providing the greatest benefit to its members that I have ever seen.

One of the most under-rated pieces of information the NAR dutifully release annually is the Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report.

boxbrowniecom listing visual marketing analysis 2021

I cannot speak highly enough of the value of the data released in this report and I personally wished my home country had equivalent data available to agents in order to assist us in sculpting business direction. Staggeringly, I would estimate the members who would know about this report and understand its value to be in the minority. Since 2013, annually this report has shone a light on the website features a purchaser would want to see in their efforts to purchase a property (page 59).

Even at the quickest glance, the report tells us a few things:

  • 89% of all purchasers regardless of age wish to see Photos of a listing
  • 67% of all purchasers regardless of age wish to see Floor Plans of a listing
  • 58% of all purchasers regardless of age wish to see a Virtual Tour of a listing

These three figures are slightly higher than they have been over the past years, which I could argue might be the influence of being in a year of lockdowns and more difficult access to properties for inspection. However, none of them are out of order with the previous five years and more worth of data this annual survey has collected.

If you look at the entire list there are some categories that I have always found humorous, for example, "Real Estate Agent Contact Information." I would assume for this to be on the list, at number 4, there is conceivably some agents not handing out their information to purchasers? Where I come from that person is unlikely to be an agent for very long.

A Marketing Plan

Over a period of time, I took the NAR report and paraphrased page 59 to formulate a plan for agents to follow in order to maintain consistency or marketing/brand and to sell a property for more, faster.

In order of priority, relating to what the purchaser wishes to see, it is our belief at that "best practice" agents have a marketing plan that looks like this:

  • Good imagery
  • Copy with all essential detail
  • A floor plan
  • 360°/virtual tour
  • Video footage

The research conducted investigates only three of the above aspects of visual marketing for a listing; Good Imagery, Floor Plans, and 360°/Virtual Tours.

This research report is not to point people to’s services. However, through the services we offer, I believe we are best positioned to shine a light on these practices. And whilst it is true that we have a solution for some of these issues, other companies do as well. Our message to the agent, broker, franchise, association, and MLSs is that marketing matters· and our challenge to you is to improve your property marketing to better serve the purchasers and sellers within the industry you operate.

So, as a company, and I, as a bullish, inquisitive, now non-practising listing agent (genuinely interested in the USA property industry and equally in love with the fabric and people who make the industry be who it is) are excited to offer this first research report to the American property industry. It is a way of saying thank-you for the way you have accepted this Australian start-up (now scale-up) and the love and support you have shown us over the past four years.

Download the full 2021 Listing Visual Marketing Analysis report here.