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Friday Freebie: 2021 Referral Lead Strategy Guide

June 10 2021

Inventory these days is looking a little lean, but commission checks are fatter than ever.

Business is booming--if you can get it. Seller leads are hard to come by, and so are buyers that can compete against today's cash offers.

So what's an agent to do? In times like these, it's best to turn to what—or in this case, who—you know. Your friends, neighbors and business associates are rich sources of referral leads. In this FREE referral strategy guide, you'll get the recipe for turning those leads into closings.

Download the 2021 Referral Lead Strategy Guide, courtesy of Zurple

ff zurple Referral Strategy GuideIn Zurple's free guide, you'll learn everything about referrals—from customer service to hosting in-person events, and even how to choose the closing gift.

Download the guide today to discover:

  • The basics of starting a referral program
  • A calendar of monthly referral event ideas
  • Referral lead strategies for social media
  • Neighborhood lead generation techniques
  • How to earn referrals via business partners
  • Closing gift ideas
  • and more!

Plump up your bottom line this summer with a solid lead generation strategy. Download Zurple's 2021 Referral Lead Strategy Guide today to get started!