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Discussing Flood Risk With Your Client Is More Important Than Ever. Here's How to Do It.

April 15 2021

cartofront scripts flood discussionMost REALTORS® are rarely at a loss for words. Yet, when it comes to the complexity of flood risk and flood insurance, it's not unusual to get "tongue-tied."

We've simplified it, allowing you to be more knowledgeable, confident, and comfortable in framing the discussion—one that is increasingly important in the current market.

Here's a suggested WORKING DRAFT OF MESSAGES for your client:

  • When looking at the total cost of ownership, we need to assess flood risk and the need for flood insurance—and include it into our search criteria.

  • And given this market is hot, we are going to want to have a wide net of properties to look at—and with that is more risk overall.

  • With more and more severe storms, every property is at risk now—it's just a matter of low, medium or high risk. "It's not just a coastal issue, it is projected all over," states this article.

  • And given that this is one of the most important investments you will be making, it is important to assess the risk of a potential flood for today—and for tomorrow.

  • There are four key steps we need to take:

  • First: Let's learn the language and the facts. This eBook is a great FREE resource, and it demystifies the entire flood question. English | Spanish

    • For example: Did you know that flood insurance is NOT covered in your homeowners insurance and it is its own, separate policy?!

  • Second: Let's read up on the changes that are happening with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as of October 1, 2021 regarding how they price flood insurance risk.

  • Third: For the properties you want to tour, let's take a CartoFront quote (available currently for Miami REALTORS®) so that we know accurately what flood zone a property is on, and estimated flood insurance options comparing NFIP and a private insurance carrier.

  • Fourth: When we are ready to put an offer in, let's take the CartoFront quote to a licensed insurance agent knowledgeable in flood insurance and get a bindable insurance quote so we know the total cost of annual insurance premium.

  • We want to plan for the best, yet prepare (and protect) for the worst.

  • Having this discussion allows us to rule in / rule out options based on facts, risks, costs.

Cartofront Book Cover 3D ENIf you are interested in learning more, access our free eBook: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Flood Insurance* (*But Were Afraid To Ask)


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CartoFront is a technology services company that is simplifying flood insurance for REALTORS®, their clients, and insurance agents.