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Multiply Your Sales by Going After Empty Nesters

March 30 2021

pp Target Empty Nesters 1Is there a better bang for your buck than using your marketing dollars to go after empty nesters? You get to sell their home, then help them find the ideal new downsized home.

It's the perfect two-for-one deal.

The highest ROI empty nesters

The most prosperous empty nesters to go after are age 55 years and older, according to Esri, a leading mapping and location analytics platform.

This places them among the eldest of Gen Xers (age 44 to 55 this year).

This age group and younger baby boomers combine to create the primary target in this niche. This group, by the way, is responsible for nearly half of all listings, according to NAR's 2020 Generational Trends report.

The Gen Xers among the group earn, on average, about $101,000 per year. They make up 23% of the seller's pool and for 83%, this isn't their first time selling a home.

The average net worth of baby boomer households is $1.2 million, according to Hillary Hoffower of Nearly 40% of them say that they'll sell when the last child leaves the home, while 55% plan on waiting until they retire, according to

How and where to reach them

In the current real estate market, the best plan of attack is a targeted prospect list and an Empty Nest scheduled campaign. The average American's attention span is a lot longer right now and the mail is something they're actually paying attention to.

To support your campaign, ensure that your real estate website is up to snuff. Gen Xers, especially, seek social proof before they'll work with someone.

Aside from a dedicated testimonials page, sprinkle testimonials throughout the site.

pp Target Empty Nesters 2This generation also values authenticity so avoid a heavy sales spiel.

"Generation X has a keen eye for BS and can spot a sham or dishonesty a mile away most of the time," Nate Masterson, marketing manager for Maple Holistics in New Jersey tells the NFIB's, Karen Sams.

Younger boomers crave useful information, so ensure your website has lots of it.

Online, you'll find your target audience primarily on Facebook. Eighty-eight percent of Gen Xers check their Facebook feed at least once a day and boomers rarely visit any other social media platform.

In fact, according to Pew Research, "Facebook is by far the most popular social media site for this age group."

Write compelling blog posts of interest to both groups and then repost them on Facebook. Consider running contests to gain more organic results. You can find contest ideas at

Niching your business is always a sure path to success. Choose a niche and work it consistently. This is the ideal time of year to consider the empty nesters.

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