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5 Ways to Improve Cold Calling Real Estate Prospects

March 24 2021

zurple improve cold callingWith the economy slowly opening back up, business is booming for many Realtors. Some may have used pandemic downtime as an opportunity to improve their online presence. Some may have used this to practice their cold calling skills. If you did not practice your phone skills, this article is for you.

Here are five ways to improve cold calling real estate prospects:

1. Have a Positive Mindset

Before you start calling, you want to make sure you are in a good mood. You can do this through self-affirmations, watching an inspirational video, or brushing up on some of your notes. You will be getting a lot of NOs—which you can either let defeat you, or reframe it as a convenient disqualification that lets you move on to the next prospect.

2. Smile When You Talk

Some people will swear that you can hear the difference when you smile while you are talking on the phone. Whether that is true or not, physically smiling can help elevate your mood—and thus allow you to quickly build rapport with somebody you've never met before.

3. Use a Script

Not sure what to say? There is nothing wrong with using a script. If not a script, at least a conversation structure to help you guide the FSBO down the right path to considering listing their property with you as their agent. A script will ensure that you feel confident with how you are communicating, and that it is productively leading to a conversation of selling a property with you.

4. Pretend They Are in Front of You

Sometimes it's hard to be friendly over the phone, especially when most real estate agents are masters at quickly building trust when they meet somebody in person. Even though the prospect isn't with you physically, you can still imagine they are. Talk to the person as if they are standing right next to you like a friend would. It can really elevate your tonality if you come across as personable instead of salesy.

5. Have Their Listing Up

The last piece of the puzzle for being fully prepared to converse with a real estate prospect about a property that has yet to be sold: have the property up on your screen! You'll have more talking points, and be able to ask better questions to help the prospect qualify themselves.

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