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10 Creative Ideas for Memorable Closing Gifts

February 22 2021

homesnap memorable closing giftsFinding just the right closing gift isn't always easy. You want something special and thoughtful that stands out and communicates how much you value your clients' business. It also needs to be memorable -- you don't want them forgetting your name for possible referrals any time soon!

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're searching for just the right closing gift. First, forget cost -- it will only constrain you at the start, and you can make price adjustments later. Next, consider what you know about your clients and what is meaningful to them. Maybe they are newly married and would love a gift with their family name on it. If they are coming from another state, you may consider giving an experience that gets them out of the house and into the neighborhood (see idea #4!). Lastly, don't give them anything that is branded. Keep your headshot, phone number and logo off your closing gift. Clients will see that as marketing, not as a gift from the heart.

If you're struggling to find just the right thing, get inspiration from our 10 creative closing gift ideas.

1. Home Cleaning Services

Moving can be a really exhausting experience. The last thing new homeowners want to do after unpacking is vacuum, scrub, dust, mop or wipe. Find a locally owned, trusted cleaning service that sells gift cards or will allow you to prepay for multiple home visits. If it isn't cost-prohibitive, buying at least two cleaning visits will help reduce stress that your clients are feeling and make for a nice closing gift.

2. Landscaping Services

Purchase services from a local landscaper who can mow the lawn, prune bushes and pull weeds while your clients are settling into their new home. As with the home cleaning suggestion, it's best to buy at least two visits for your clients. This way they don't have to worry about upkeep for at least a month.

3. Interior Design Consultation

Real estate agents come to know their clients pretty well during the homebuying journey. You should have a good feel for whether your clients will need interior design advice from an expert. It might be because they don't have furniture that fits the space or they've already expressed that they want to do something interesting but aren't sure what. A closing gift like an interior design consultation will show them that you've been listening.

4. An Afternoon or Evening Out

After the stress of a move, a relaxing afternoon or evening out of the house will help your clients decompress. Get creative with where you send your clients. Maybe it's an afternoon with a massage and lunch or an evening with a sunset cruise and dinner. You could also include tickets for a performance, museum, concert or something more hands-on like a cooking class, kayaking session or a day tour of local vineyards.

5. Variety Pack of Services

There are many services that could help your clients' new home feel homier—so don't feel like you should limit yourself to buying just one as a closing gift. Besides those we've already suggested, consider a gift card for some of these local services: florist, handyman, painter, gardener, gutter cleaner, pest control, mobile car wash or a private chef home visit.

6. Personalized Kitchenware

Wooden cutting boards with engravings have become very popular over the years. And for good reason—it's a great gift for anyone (just make sure it's a solid, durable board). Go one step further and include a few other thoughtful touches. You could get your clients' family name or initials embroidered on kitchen towels, oven mitts or an apron. Include a bottle of wine, scotch or other spirit that your clients like along with a selection of cheeses, cured meats and other accompaniments. Another nice touch is a set of elegant champagne flutes engraved with your clients' name and the closing date.

7. Gift Cards to Local Shops

Instead of buying a piece of decor or furniture that your clients may or may not end up loving, let them select something. You can support local businesses in the process by purchasing a variety of gift cards from local boutiques. This could include a specialty lighting shop, vintage store, plant nursery and an artisan shop dedicated to local wares.

8. House Party Variety Packs

If your clients seem like the type to host friends and family often, put together a handpicked variety pack that they can use at each gathering. Here are some ideas of what to include: yard games (bocce ball, corn hole, jumbo Jenga), grill accessories, cheese board and knife set, Bluetooth speaker and large serving bowls. You can even include food to get them started, like cheese, meat, chips, condiments, sodas and wine or beer.

9. Outdoor Furniture and Décor

Does your clients' new home have a nice, big yard? Or if it's on the smaller side, are there things that you can buy to make it feel comfortable? Consider outdoorsy closing gifts like a hammock, wind chimes, birdhouse, butterfly feeder, picnic set or porch swing engraved with their name.

10. Big-ticket Gifts

Proceed with caution. Before you buy a big-ticket gift, you want to be sure that your clients will like it and not leave it aside to collect dust. During their homebuying journey, keep note of conversations you have where your clients tell you about something they want to buy for their home or an activity they want to do in their new city. This might lead to you buying something like a backyard fire pit, an outdoor pizza oven, tickets for a few football games or a yearlong museum membership.

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