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Common Misconceptions Agents Have About Real Estate Websites

January 15 2021

zurple common misconceptions websitesWhen it comes to real estate websites, there are a few complaints that we hear more often than others. This is typically due to misconceptions or assumptions. We are here to clear all that up.

Here are common misconceptions about real estate websites:

The Site Needs to Be Perfect Before Launching

One of the greatest qualities some real estate agents possess is their drive towards perfection. This can also be part of their downfall, however. By not having your online presence active, you are missing out on crucial search engine ranking. While your website is still "under construction," your competition is slowly rising up the ranks.

The Website Will Do All the Work for Me

Simply having a website doesn't mean you will generate real estate leads. Some work must still be done to accomplish this. Paying monthly to host a website is like a gym membership; you won't see any results if you aren't putting that membership to use.

Having a Website Means Real Estate Leads

Again, a real estate website is a tool that must be leveraged in order to properly generate real estate leads from it. You need to be able to drive traffic to that website. This can be done through social media posts, email marketing, and paid advertising. If nobody is visiting your website, then nobody is becoming a new real estate lead.

It's Better to Make Your Own Site

We hear this piece of advice echoed frequently throughout online discussion groups. It is not a good idea to make your own website yourself. If you are that skilled, you should choose web development as your career path instead. While you can definitely make a pleasant-looking site, the technology to filter leads into a CRM that are automatically emailed new listings as they come onto the market might be something that requires a bit more than basic HTML.

I Can Just Use the Website from My Brokerage

While your brokerage absolutely wants to see success from their agents, it doesn't matter to them which agent is successful. By flying under the brand of your brokerage's name, consumers will only remember the brokerage. So when it is time to refer a friend, your past clients will tell them about the company—and not you. Even worse, once you leave the company, all the leads generated in their CRM stays with the brokerage.

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