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How One Email Generated $2 Million in New Business in One Day

January 11 2021

We love to learn about the nitty gritty details that go into a successful real estate marketing campaign. Our inquiring minds want to know all about what technology the agent used, how they set up their campaigns, the messaging that brought them success, and beyond.

hg randall martinThat's why we were so excited to hear about Randall Martin, owner of the Martin Group with CB&A Realtors in Greater Houston, who generated $2 million in new business with a single email using a Chirp, a new communication platform from Happy Grasshopper that makes it easy to engage with your sphere via email, text messages, and voicemail.

Randall shared the secrets to his success with us in a webinar last fall, and now Happy Grasshopper has bundled that webinar into a FREE Success Kit for RE Technology readers. Click here to get access to all of these goodies:

  • Case study detailing Randall's success with Chirp
  • Webinar recording that shows exactly how Randall uses Chirp to engage his sphere and win more business
  • An example email that Randall sent out with Chirp in September
  • An actual response that Randall's email received
  • A peek at the performance metrics of that email
  • Text and voicemail scripts that you can use ASAP
  • An exclusive offer to get Revaluate, a tool that predicts when your contacts are likely to move, for FREE
  • And more!

Get the Success Kit now!