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5 Easy Ways to Become More Client Centric in 2012

December 22 2011

Our team at BoomTown recently conducted a Net Promoter® survey to get a feel for client satisfaction. Our score of 74 is 44 points higher than the consumer software industry standard of 30! See our Infographic for a breakdown of the scoring. This score placed us among leading technology companies such as Apple and Amazon. Apple received a score of 72 and Amazon a score of 70, according to Satmetrix in its 2011 Net Promoter® Benchmark Study of U.S. Consumers.

In the process, we received some valuable insight and feedback from our clients. This got us thinking about how all of us can use customer feedback to fuel growth in our businesses. As real estate agents, referrals and repeat clients are the bread and butter of your business. This all stems from client satisfaction. Check out our list of 5 easy ways to become more client centric in 2012.

1) Put yourself in the client's shoes - We all know how frustrating it can be to deal with demanding clients. However, it's important to take a deep breath and put ourselves in the client's shoes. If we always approach the conversation from the client's perspective we will get much further in solving the 'real' problem at hand. Sometimes thinking of things from their perspective can help you learn what their problem really is and what's important to them. This helps uncover the best way for you to help them.

2) Give your clients a voice - Give your clients an outlet for feedback and suggestions. You are the expert in your industry, however, your clients can be a valuable resource in generating new ideas. Think about using a survey system like Survey Monkey, Google Form or setup a poll on your Facebook page. Participate on review sites like Mountain of Agents, Yelp and Google Places. The more we offer transparency in the level of service we provide, the more trust our clients will have in us.

3) Become a partner and a coach - Always think about what is in the best interest of the client. You were hired for your expertise. It's important to speak up if you think your client needs the guidance and could use a little tough love. You have a wealth of knowledge from your industry experience, share it! Educating and partnering with your clients will ensure you satisfy their needs and build a healthy business relationship that can last for years.

4) Encourage a sense of community among your clients - Create a forum for your clients to share stories and collaborate. Setup a Facebook group or Google community to help facilitate the conversation. This will quickly become an added benefit to working with you. You can also manage both negative and positive feedback head on. Your clients can often help one another. Sharing experiences is very influential.

5) Never compromise service for profit -We live in a social world and one bad review can go viral in a matter of seconds. Always put service and honestly first and your reputation will benefit ten fold.

2012 is a new year with new opportunities to grow your business. Practicing "The Golden Rule" and keeping your focus on your clients can pave a solid foundation to a successful New Year!

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