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5 Ways to Help Clients Adopt and Adapt to Your Technology

November 09 2020

Agents' dependence on new technology during the pandemic has keenly sharpened their abilities to work remotely. Your clients have been adopting new technology, too.

But for some clients, adopting new tech tools can be challenging. How can you assist your clients' transition into using new technology?

More than 60 percent of all agents in North America have access to Tech Helpline analysts to walk them through technology challenges. During the pandemic, you can be the tech consultant for your clients, walking them through the tech tools you prefer them to use while you work with them.

Here are four ways agents can help clients use your preferred tech:

1. Focus on the WIFM, not the features

One of the fastest ways to overcome resistance to using technology is to answer the question, "What's in it for me?" or WIFM. Clients will take action when they understand how a new tech tool can directly benefit them. By focusing on the direct benefits of the latest technology—instead of trying to impress them with a litany of features—it's much easier to persuade someone to give it a try. And when a client experiences the benefit, as long as it provides an advantage to the alternative—or replaces something that can't be done during a pandemic—they will more readily embrace using the new tech tool.

2. Train and explain

During the pandemic, agents have many more hats to wear. You can add being a trainer and explainer of the new tech tools you need your clients to use. From transaction management programs like Form Simplicity with e-signing features to video call software like Zoom, you can help your clients embrace these tools. Adopt as part of your client onboarding process, providing training to help your clients. This can be as simple as providing online links to basic "how to use" introductory videos for each tech tool. Or set a time to walk your clients through all the technology they can use for a smoother, more satisfying transaction. By taking the extra time to train and explain, you can help to manage clients' expectations and solidify their understanding of how—and why—these new tools are essential to them.

3. Be extra patience

Your clients are stressed and anxious—and perhaps so are you—from a variety of external forces no one can control today. Patience is the key. Focus on one tech tool at a time. Avoid covering too much at once. Focus on a single tech tool and take a step-by-step approach to how things work. Solely focus on the basics. What do they need to know? What are the benefits they will derive from each tool?

4. Make it routine

The best way to get someone to get comfortable with new technology is to get them to use it—several times. We all learn from repetition, and if you create a routine for your clients to follow, they will become more and more comfortable using a new tech tool. For example, if Zoom is your face-to-face meeting replacement tool, create a schedule of Zoom calls for key discussions. Finding ways to help your clients use a tech tool several times initially will help speed up adoption.

5. Please keep it simple

Choose your technology wisely—especially tech tools you need your clients to use during a pandemic. Having easy to use, intuitive technology means you will spend less time training and explaining. You shouldn't expect your clients to use technology that is cumbersome, less reliable, or complicated. Find another solution as keeping tech simple is vital, especially for clients who are likely to resist using technology. Today, the good news is that most of the best real estate tech is easier to use than ever. Showing your clients how simple it is to use one of your tech tools helps ensure client satisfaction.

It's harder than ever today to provide a delightful experience when personal interactions are virtual versus in-person. But if you can help your clients adapt and adopt tech tools that will make the transaction smoother, you can still provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Tricia Stamper is Director of Technology at Florida Realtors®, which owns and operates Tech Helpline and Form Simplicity.