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What's in a Home Buyer's Packet? (Plus, a Complimentary Template)

October 28 2020

torchx home buyers packet 1One best practice every real estate agent should implement is to provide a home buyer packet to their new buyer leads. By properly educating buyers, you can prepare them for a smooth home buying experience and decrease the potential for miscommunications or misunderstandings. A home buyer packet will also help you set the correct expectations about how you will guide them through their purchasing journey. If knowledge leads to confidence, you can boost your buyer's confidence with a comprehensive and informative packet.

The documents that you include should provide value or resolve an issue for the person receiving it. The information should fill in the gaps for your home buyer, so they know what to expect, when to expect it, and the process to complete it. You can share your home buyer packet via print, email, or add it to your website for 24/7 access – make sure you add a lead capture form if you choose the latter option.

Below are important documents to include in your home buyer packet:

1. A House Hunting Checklist

There's a lot of information to consider when a consumer becomes a home buyer. A house hunting checklist will help them prioritize their wants and needs. It will also help them decide which features and amenities are best for them.

2. A List of Home Buyer Terms

With so many words and terminology to learn, home buyers can become confused and frustrated. To help home buyers focus on the ones that are relevant and that matter, give them a Home Buyer terminology cheat sheet.

3. A Home Buyer Questionnaire

Real estate agents should have a set of questions to understand to better understand and qualify potential clients. Screening or probing questions that inquire about personal finances, goals, and more will help you assess the value of the prospect.

4. A List of Critical Dates for Home Buyers

Knowing important deadlines will help home buyers prepare and gather the documents or complete the tasks needed to advance to the next stage of the buying process.

5. A General Home Buyer Process Outline

Giving your home buyers a general outline of the steps throughout the buying process will help them stay on course. Use an outline to guide your home buyers through all of stages and associated tasks of the journey.

6. Optional Additions

  • A list of home buying expectations
  • A list of reasons why you're the best real estate agent for their needs – include expectations of your service
  • A map of the area
  • Testimonials from your past clients
  • Common buyer mistakes
  • Information on the pre-approval process

Download this Template to Create Your Own Home Buyer Packet

torchx home buyers packet 2To help you get started on assembling your own home buyer packet, download the Home Buyer Packet template and add your logo and agent information to each document. The Home Buyer Packet template includes:

  • A Checklist
  • A Qualifying Questionnaire
  • A List of Real Estate Terms
  • A Buyer's Journey Timeline

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