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The Essential Open House Checklist for Agents

March 23 2020

One Week Before:

  • showing couple agentCheck the date you've chosen against local and national events (don't be the non-football fan agent who held her first open house on Superbowl Sunday)
  • Check the date with the homeowner
  • Invite your loan officer to attend
  • Serving snacks/drinks? Determine what you'll offer and make a shopping list
  • Create postcard invitations for neighbors
  • Create branded handout packets (your business card, property flyers, door hangers floor plan drawing, neighborhood information, list of updates and repairs for the home, etc.)
  • Create a sign-in sheet or download an open house app (AM Open House or Open Home Pro apps are popular)
  • Ensure you have enough directional signs
  • Post the open house on your MLS and Zillow and announce it at the sales meeting
  • Promote the open house on social media with a link to the property flyer (hosted on your website).
  • Consider live streaming the event on Facebook Live (learn more about this at

3 to 4 Days Before:

  • Install an "Open House this Weekend" sign rider to the property's for sale sign
  • Mail invitations to neighbors and place real estate door hangers around your listing
  • Confirm with your lender that he or she will be there
  • Check in with your clients; remind them what they need to do to prepare the home (clean, remove sensitive paperwork, prescription drugs, weapons and valuables)
  • Map out where you'll place directional signs
  • Keep promoting on social media (is there a neighborhood group on Facebook? If so, don't neglect advertising the open house to that group)

24 Hours Before:

  • Remind your clients about the open house and what they need to do to prepare
  • Prepare snacks
  • Load the car with directional signs
  • Double down on social media mentions of the open house

The Day of the Open House:

  • Plan on arriving at your listing at least 30 minutes to one hour before the open house is set to begin
  • Pick up balloons, if you'll be using them
  • Set up directional signs and balloons
  • Set up open house sign in front of the home
  • Prepare a table near the front door for guests to sign in
  • Set up snack station
  • Set out handout packets
  • Tour the home to ensure that beds are made, toilet seats are down and that the home is generally neat and tidy
  • Ensure that the homeowners removed valuables, weapons, paperwork and prescription drugs
  • Open all curtains, drapes and blinds
  • Turn on lights in all rooms and closets
  • Use any "down time" to get familiar with other listings in the area that open house attendees may be interested in