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Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2020

March 17 2020

realtyna real estate seo keywords 2020 1Real estate agents spend a lot of time on their website design and pay a lot of money for advertisements, but many still struggle with lead generation. Some of them hire content writers and publish articles regularly, but still fail to score viewers to their website. Quality content writing is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the value of what is in demand and what folks are looking for on the web. In this article, we are going to explore the top keywords for real estate for 2020 that bring a lot of SEO value to your real estate website.

More Common and More Difficult Real Estate Keywords

Short keywords usually have a high level of ranking difficulty. That is to say, for a small/local business that just started its online campaigns, it is not recommended to focus on these keywords. Alternatively, more local or longtail keywords might produce better results. Here is a list of top real estate SEO keywords:

realtyna real estate seo keywords 2020 2

Longtail keywords, on the other hand, can help you rank more quickly. Here is a list of top longtailed SEO keywords:

realtyna real estate seo keywords 2020 3

Bottom Line

As Google evolves, it focuses more on the nature of your activities. Quality content writing on top keywords and phrases is the most important criterion for Google and other search engines. So the bottom line is, focus on your clients and customers and provide content tailored to their needs and demands. Google and other search engines will eventually place you where you belong and help bring more leads to your real estate website.

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