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Is Your Listing Description Turning Consumers Off?

January 13 2020

Imagine if you had a magic power to know exactly how readers would react to the description text that you write about your new listing.

"This lovely two-bedroom fixer-upper..."

According to research from ForSaleByOwner.com, the word "fixer-upper" is a horrible term. In fact, even buyers who say that they want to buy a fixer-upper are not likely to react positively about a property being called a fixer-upper.

vl fsbo study listing descriptions 1

The study found that for consumers over the age of 45, "turnkey" is the most desired feature they seek out in their next home. That is probably a good word to use in your property descriptions.

Now think a bit further about how you are going to market the property. Think first about the age of the likely homebuyer. If they are between 45-64, they are probably juggling kids in high school or college, have been promoted to the most stressful job of their career, and have little time for anything other than family and saving for retirement. They do not want homes that require a lot of work or maintenance.

Great schools are also a key priority, not surprisingly. Instead of hesitating to share school information, do the work to verify what school district your property falls under. It's also ideal to share not only the district, but the specific schools that children will attend. Districts can have great variations in the quality of schools.

vl fsbo study listing descriptions 2

The research also revealed that men and women have different priorities when choosing a home. Men are most interested in a property that their partner loves and that provides an easy commute and great schools. Women, on the other hand, are interested in a turnkey home in move-in condition. Men and women share strong interest in a close commute and great schools.

vl fsbo study listing descriptions 3

If you would like to download the entire study, you can click here.