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What does Gary Keller have to say about "focusing" on success? This #1 Team Leader tells you.

December 10 2019

The no. 1 high-end, luxury real estate team leader in South Carolina, according The Wall Street Journal, shares the secrets to his success. Once a year, Matt O'Neill of the Matt O'Neill Team evaluates the seven elements in his life that require his attention in order to strive for personal growth, professional growth, and self-improvement. Surprisingly, they aren't what you might expect!

In the brief video below, Matt shares those seven elements and leads you through your own personal self-evaluation. When you are done, be sure to sign up for his one-hour webinar on December 17th where he'll deep dive into the idea of "Goal Setting," how it's changed his life, and how it's helped him achieve over $225M in business in 2019.

Key Discussion Points

6:14 - Business and Career
6:51 - Health and Fitness
7:08 - Family, Friendships and Relationships
7:55 - Lifestyle and Adventure
8:20 - Financial and Investment
8:32 - Personal Growth and Intellectual Development
9:02 - Practicing Appreciation and Gratitude
10:00 - Final "Focusing" Question (Courtesy of Gary Keller)

Register for Matt's Upcoming Webinar on December 17th

Have you ever practiced the art of goal setting? It's an amazing, holistic way to evaluate the seven key elements that make up your life, practice gratitude for your successes, and set goals for self-improvement over the coming year.

Over the course of this one-hour webinar, top-producing agent Matt O'Neill and Elevate's VP of Marketing, Bondilyn Jolly, will work attendees through the self-evaluation, offering tips, tricks and insight from their own personal and professional stories. Attendees will exit the webinar with an ACTION PLAN to help tackle their 2020 goals and make it their best year yet!

Webinar attendees will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Life Wheel" self-evaluation sheet, as well as Matt's "magic" document from this popular Goal Setting Workshop. Register today!

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