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Top 10 Articles About Video

November 23 2011

More “top 10” from RE Technology! Boy, we’re having much too much fun with this. Let’s keep it going with our top 10 articles about video. Once again, these are in no particular order and include an excerpt form the article to pique your interest.

1) 6 Reasons to Add Video to Your Website
We recently posted an article about video marketing. In that article, we focused on the "how" of video marketing. Today, we're going to focus on the "why." There are 5 primary reasons to add video to your website.

2) Guide to Video Marketing
I just participated in a fantastic webinar about video marketing from HubSpot – and I learned a few things. First, I don't need to be Francis Ford Coppola to be successful with online video; I just need a little creativity. Second, I need to get on board with online video marketing, because it's not going anywhere but up. Based on this exciting webinar, I'm going to share some guidelines to help you get started too.

3) Why using video is so important in your social media marketing mix
Yesterday I was paddling the Saugeen River and shot this video
discussing why using video is so important in your social media marketing mix.

Video allows the viewer to see you, experience you and get to know you from the security and safety of their computer ... they set the rules of engagement and decide whether or not they want to work with you.

4) 3 Tips to Mastering Online Video Marketing
Is video the missing piece to your online marketing strategy? Without a doubt, video is valuable not only in online engagement, but in educating online traffic about topics of interest. Doing so can establish you as the local authority, helping you generate leads in your real estate business.

Where to start? Grab a FlipCam or even a Web Cam (small camera embedded in your laptop/computer or attachable camera) and start shooting short clips of information.

5) Video: Its Not About Tech
Guest contributor Stephen Schweickart shares a theory you won't often hear here at technology doesn't matter. Let's clarify. When it comes to online video, it's not the technology you use that matters. Instead, he says, it's the content. So, when you're creating videos to post online, pay more attention to making them educational and compelling than slick and professional-looking.

6) 3 Tips For Better Real Estate Videos and Photos

So what does it take to produce better real estate videos and photos? It’s no secret we’re big fans of video around here, and we’ve discussed real estate photography before. We still get objections every day from agents and lenders though.

7) Time to Go Video With Your Real Estate Marketing
According to the California Association of Realtors, sellers are 73% more likely to sign with a real estate agent that uses video as part of his/her real estate marketing strategy; however, calculates that only .8% of real estate professionals are actually using video on a regular basis. You heard that right: Point. Eight.

8) 5 Steps to Generate Traffic with YouTube Videos
As multi-media becomes an increasingly essential component of the web, successful real estate agents and brokers will need to understand how to make the most of online video –YouTube in particular. First, let's get one thing clear: yes, you should be posting video online. Phew – I'm glad we've covered that. Now, let's look at specifics.

9) Video Marketing for Real Estate
Here's another great video from Michael Krisa, That Interview Guy. We can't seem to get enough of this hot topic. Why? Well . . .

  • 2 billion videos are viewed EVERY DAY on You Tube
  • 200 million videos are viewed daily on cell phones
  • By using video you have a 50 times better chance of ranking on page 1 of Google
  • 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with someone using video
  • ONLY 0.8% of Realtors are using video!

10) Making the Most Out of Your Video Tours
We talk a lot about how valuable social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are to networking. But one that may go unmentioned (but not unnoticed) is YouTube. Having a video tour of a house is not a new concept by any means, but getting the video out there is much easier than you think and you can then embed this link in your blogs, on your social networking sites and the like, to maximize on viewing potential.