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Windermere Real Estate Launches Spotify Channel

October 17 2019

Windermere Real Estate has become the first large real estate brand in the country to launch a Spotify channel, featuring eight home-inspired playlists. Julie Dey, Vice President of Marketing for Windermere, said the idea came from a desire to connect with clients in a creative way that is outside of traditional real estate marketing efforts.

windermere spotify

"Americans spend about 32 hours a week listening to music, and for Millennials that number is even higher," said Dey. "Since so many activities connected to our homes are enhanced by music, we want to fuel the enjoyment and memories of those experiences through home-inspired playlists."

Dey says that the custom playlists were created with the idea of tapping into different activities that we do within our homes, such as hosting dinner parties, throwing backyard barbeques, and cleaning house. It also includes real estate-themed playlists for housewarming parties, housing hunting, and moving day.

"Windermere's Spotify channel gives our agents a new, unique way to connect with clients," said Dey. "We've created opportunities for them to market themselves via the Spotify playlists on social media, direct mail, and on their agent websites."

Dey said that the company has plans to update the playlists and add new ones in order to remain fresh and current. The channel is currently being marketed on social media, out-of-home advertising, direct marketing, and through promos on Spotify.