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Friday Freebie: Guide to Staying Safe without Sacrificing the Sale

September 20 2019

It's Realtor Safety Month, and to help agents stay safe on the job, we're highlighting a free eBook that offers comprehensive advice for selling safely.

What do we mean by comprehensive? Well, this eBook runs an impressive 79 pages in length, offers insight into the criminal mind so that you can understand (and outwit!) predators, and features tips for evaluating safety products, and more.

Read on to learn how to download your free copy!

Safe Selling: A Practical Guide for Preventing Crime without Sacrificing the Sale

frifree rsa agent safe selling ebookRemember the powerful interview we recently posted with an agent who escaped a predator? The interviewer in that video was Lee Goldstein, CEO of Real Safe Agent, and the co-author of this eBook. Goldstein has a background in criminal psychology, and is an expert in how the criminal mind works.

In this eBook, Goldstein breaks down how predators choose their victims, how they think, and even how they plan their attack. He then lays out practical advice for countering and outwitting the predator—from how you pose for your agent headshot, to how to recognize suspicious body language, to how to set up a showing to maximize your safety.

Importantly, this eBook also recognizes that agents can't risk a sale by being overly cautious. Goldstein frames all of his advice in a way that lets the agent come off as gracious and professional to genuine prospects, all while discouraging the predator. It's an accessible, college-level criminology course with a healthy dose of sales strategy thrown in.

In addition to theory and practical advice on staying safe, this guide also offers:

  • An evaluation of safety apps and background checks
  • Advice on selecting safety products
  • A worksheet for assessing a prospect's safety risk
  • Additional resources, including links to videos and recommended reading

Ready to learn more about safe, yet effective selling? Download your free copy of Safe Selling: A Practical Guide for Preventing Crime without Sacrificing the Sale today!