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Looking Forward with Austin Allison

November 07 2011

We figure Austin Allison, CEO of DotLoop (, is doing many things right. After all, DotLoop blows up our Google news alerts on a daily basis. The news tells us that Austin’s company is growing by  “loops” and bounds – unsurprising, once you get to know his product. So we decided to play “crystal ball,” and get Austin’s take on where the future of his company – and the real estate industry – will go.

“The market is ripe for a solution that works,” says Austin.  “That is why DotLoop is growing at an unusually fast pace for this industry. This isn’t just blind optimism; we have every reason to believe that we can:

  • Introduce new revenue streams.
  • Reduce administrative time by 70%.
  • Achieve a 100% savings on carbon copy/paper forms.
  • Eliminate contract disputes.
  • Eliminate document storage cost.
  • Increase the number of deal conversions by 4 to 5 deals per year, per agent.

This week DotLoop will be announcing another national brand partnership.  Also stay tuned for the largest DotLoop announcement yet at the NAR Convention and Expo starting this week. We will be announcing a new offering that people cannot afford to say ‘no’ too.”

Bold predictions from a bold company. What can Austin offer to back this up? For those of you who are unfamiliar with DotLoop, the company provides a transaction hub that connects people and documents in real time. You can learn more in our product directory or at

“We are the only comprehensive solution for real estate agents and brokers. We solve a problem that has never been solved,” Austin says. “That problem is connecting people and documents in real time.  DotLoop does this by offering a simple place for agents and their clients to edit, share and sign documents.  It is comprehensive but simple at the same time. This explains our motto:  ‘where deals get done.’”

Transaction management, document management, and electronic signatures have finally hit the mainstream in real estate technology. There’s growing awareness of the benefits of these solutions – from savings in time and money to a more environmentally-friendly approach. Increased use of Smartphones and tablets (web-enabled mobile devices) has also allowed companies like DotLoop to achieve success with growing user adoption.

If you’re interested in learning more about your options, check out our product directory:

So, what does Austin see as the future of real estate and technology?  “The industry needs to evolve in a way that is consistent with consumer demands and expectations,” he says. “The future of real estate technology will be more collaborative, in real time and stupid simple to use.”

Join the Movement
Do you share Austin’s vision for a simplified, efficient, green future? Will you be attending the National Association of REALTORS® conference in Anaheim? Visit Austin and the rest of the dynamic DotLoop team at their booth.