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Smart Networking Using Facebook

April 30 2010

So maybe you've heard of Facebook, but feel like it's a little late to jump on the band wagon. 

The truth is, depending on your age demographic, there are a ton of people who do not know what RET facebook pageFacebook is. No matter how many times it is referenced, can you honestly say you are familiar with it? If so, do you know how to utilize Facebook for more than just your family and friends? If not, you are missing out on a great new advertising tool for your real estate business.

Terri Murphy's Tuesday Tip "Smart Networking Using Facebook" is a short video that begins by explaining what Facebook is, and then how real estate agents can benefit from it. Continue reading to watch...


Video Summary:

200 billion people on Facebook become one. It's easy to stay connected with past contacts and friends. Every real estate agent should have a Facebook page.

I. Introducing Facebook:
    A. Facebook is a social networking website, created by Facebook, Inc.
         1. It is free to use.
         2. Join the social networking "club" by creating a Facebook page.

II. Why Use Facebook?
    A. You can make statements about your background, interests, and add pictures of others.
    B. Friends: You can tag your contacts (both business and personal) online as "friends."
        1. Once someone has accepted you as their friend, you can view their friends, information and status updates.
    C. Status updates are short blurbs users can imput at any time that convey what they are interested in or thinking at that moment in time.
        1. Similar to Twitter Tweets, they are short and to the point.
    D. Wall Posts are notes you and your friends can post to eachother's profiles.

III. Advantage of using Facebook for real estate professionals
    A. Create a facebook business page within your profile; only this one is used primarily for business contacts and advertising.
    B. Once it is set up, you need to accumulate "fans" these are Facebook users who like your real estate business.
    C. All fans can be kept up to date with your real estate business updates.
    D. Try to make sure your information is useful and educational
so your fans can recommend you to their contacts and friends, who can then become your fans.

Five reason to use Facebook to grow your real estate business:

  1. Easy to connect with taregt audience
  2. Viral networking at its best; takes less time to make connections
  3. Simple, one-way conntection
  4. Permission-based activity—fans grant you permission to share your information directly with them, so it won't be disregarded as spam
  5. Early enough to get in the game—it's not a tired networking tool for real estate agents

Establish yourself on Facebook and grow your real estate business.