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Generating Leads on a Budget

May 19 2019

hdc generating leads on a budgetPaid lead sources are an easy and efficient way to fuel your business' lead funnel. But if you're just starting out or haven't found your real estate rhythm yet, you may be on the hunt for some free lead generation strategies. Check out these five free lead generation strategies below:

1. Local Videos

Buyers and sellers want to work with the best agent. Prove that's you by building a reputation as the local expert.

Make time every week to record yourself sharing information that people living in the area or thinking about moving to your area would need to know. Information about your town, neighborhoods, parks, and local events is a good place to start.

Don't forget to add a call to action and contact information to each of your videos before you share them on YouTube, Facebook, and your website so that people can find them. Make sure you give each video a strong title and write a little about the video so that people searching for information on the topic you covered can find your video through search results.

2. Social Media

You have to invest time or money to generate leads, and social media works best if you can invest both. However, with so many people on social media, you can still generate a decent amount of leads with just a time investment. Work on building your reputation as a local expert. Answer local questions on Quora. Go live on Facebook at local events. Share home buying infographics on Pinterest, and otherwise be the go-to source for local knowledge and news.

3. FSBOs and Expired Listings

If you handle rejection well, cold calling and door knocking can be very rewarding lead generation options. However, you'll need to stick with it and understand that for sale by owner and expired listing homeowners don't usually start off wanting to work with an agent. You'll have to be patient, persistent, and show them your value to convince them that you're worth their time and money.

4. Referrals and Repeat Clients

You can also get leads from people you know or have worked with in the past if you keep in touch with your network of contacts. Set up and make maintaining your CRM a priority so that you can move clients through your sales funnel efficiently. Categorizing your leads and contacts into workable groups that reflect your market and client base will allow you to create and send out hyper-targeted emails that will be much more efficient than more generalized groups like "buyers" or "sellers."

5. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

People who are looking for homes on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are often just beginning to get serious about buying a home and are researching how much home they can afford. Find and attract these buyers by creating ads for your existing listings or by offering home tours or guidance to buyers. Be sure to include just enough information to grab the viewer's attention without giving away everything the buyer would want to know. Leave them with a compelling reason to get in touch with you.

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