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7 Do's and Dont's of Handling Client Relationships

April 30 2019

Let's start with the acronym "CRM." Do you define it has "Contact Relationship Management" or "Customer Relationship Management"?

Here's what I call it: "Customer Relationship Marketing." Having a list of names with phone numbers and email addresses is not a CRM, it's a phone book—and in many cases, an outdated phone book.

If you want to move from Contact Relationship Management to Customer Relationship Marketing, you need to both understand and practice the four Cs and the three Fs.

The Four Cs

  • Chemistry – Think of a fist bump—finding something you share with the other person. We can always find common ground whether it's professionally or personally. Something in your life matches up with the person you have just met.
  • Character – When you meet somebody, they are developing a first impression and eventually will decide your character traits. Do you care? Are you reliable? Are you relatable?
  • Competence – This one you can't fake! People will challenge you to test your competence—Are you somebody I want or need in my life?
  • Consistency – We look at a person and see consistency, whether in their job, the gym, or their relationships. If you are lacking consistency, you need to find it quickly—it shows!

The Three Fs

Now let's look at the other side of the ledger, the three Fs. When I am on a plane, many times the person next to me wants to break the ice with, What do you do for a living? Last thing I want to tell them is that I support the real estate industry. Why? Too many times I hear from the public that their agents just wanted their commission check. "We were getting along great, and I thought we were friends until they got paid and then were gone."

Here are the three Fs:

  • Find them – Online leads and social media are more than likely NOT referral sources because you burned too many people.
  • Fleece them – Yes, get them to buy from you at any cost through promises or saying the right thing. I have heard some words about REALTORS® like this—you can fill in the blanks.
  • Forget them – Burn that bridge, hide from former clients when you see them. Not a life I want—feeling uncomfortable and looking around at who I need to avoid!

If you are not currently following the four Cs, you need to—quickly! Most professionals I deal with adhere to the four Cs. I have had followers or the three Fs in my life who only wanted what they could get out of me use me, abuse me then toss me aside. When I see them at functions, I can tell they are very uncomfortable. But you know what? I'm NOT!

Dick Betts is the National Director of Seminars, New Home Co-Broker Academy. Learn more at