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Ask Your Way to More Listings

January 31 2019

hg people want to help you get listingsI know, I know... it sounds too good to be true. The reality, however, is that this strategy is MUCH more effective than any other means of generating seller leads. I'll explain.

Let's imagine a big ol' juicy subdivision that's positively packed with homes you'd like to sell. And let's also agree that you don't know a soul in the neighborhood and that you have zero dollars to invest in marketing. And just to make it even more obvious, let's imagine that they don't have mailboxes, phones, or email addresses.

If this was your scenario, you'd recognize that door-knocking is your only option. (And keep reading if you'd rather die than go door-knocking. I'm going to show you how to use this strategy even if you're not willing to get paid for going on a walk and talking to people.)

Let's consider how you might feel the day you decide to park your car in somebody's cul-de-sac and get your door-knocking on. Will you be nervous? What will you be expecting? Will people slam their doors in your face? Will people tell you there's NO SOLICITING in this neighborhood? Will they call the police? Will they tell you to GET OUT?

They might. In fact, they're likely to if you have the wrong approach.

That said, they might also really appreciate the opportunity to help you. They might happily give you a bunch of warm referrals. Who knows, they might even list their home, with YOU, right then! I know, #amazeballs

So what's the right approach?

It's simple. Instead of going into that neighborhood with the intention of taking what you need (listings), go with the intention of helping people.

Put it firmly in the bedrock of your mindset. Tell yourself:

  • I am doorknocking to help people.
  • I am doorknocking to solve an important problem.
  • I am doorknocking to make this neighborhood a better place.
  • I am doorknocking to give back to this community.
  • I am doorknocking to make a positive impact on the world.

And the best part is that you will really be doing all these things when you have the right approach, which I'll give to you now.

Instead of being ready to tell them about how great you are, be ready to ask for their help. You see, psychologically, we each have six fundamental human needs that MUST be met. The one we're appealing to with this approach is called 'contribution.'

It feels good to help other people. Most of the people who answer their doors will be willing to help you, provided that you give them a compelling reason. Your need for income is not compelling. Your desire to buy a new car is not compelling. That vacation you want doesn't mean squat to them—but if they can see that you're willing to do something most peole find unpleasant in an effort to help other people, the table turns instantly.

Consider this approach...

It's a warm day and you're dressed in office clothes even though you're out pounding the pavement. Who knows, you might even be sweating? You lumber up to the first door, knock, and someone answers.

They look at you quizzically, trying to decide if you're dangerous or maybe they know you from somewhere, and then you say "Hey... I'm really sorry to bother you, I don't normally do this but I really need some help. Can you help me?"

Nine times out of ten they're going to say something like, "I don't know, what do you need help with?"

And your response is going to be, "Well, here's the thing... I'm a real estate agent and I know there are people who insist on living in this neighborhood. I'd like to find a home for them. Do you know anyone that's thinking of selling?"

Their answer is going to be yes or no. If yes, simply thank them. Then, introduce yourself, ask for their name, and then ask for the name and address of the people they think might be willing to sell.

If they say no, simply thank them for their time. Then, introduce yourself and hand them your card. Tell them that you sure would appreciate a call if they think of anyone later.

I know a brand new real estate agent in Tampa, Florida who used this technique to list 11 homes his first month in the business. There are some people reading this who haven't listed 11 homes in their entire career. What are you waiting for?

Get out there and make it happen!

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