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4 Essential Landing Page Features to Improve and Convert Leads

January 08 2019

homeeasy essential landing page features 1Nothing drives away a potential customer like an unclear homepage that leaves them digging through various tabs and web pages to find what they need—and that's if they even take the time to browse past the landing page. Make sure your landing page has these key features to improve lead capturing.

1. Contact Details

Whether or not your business can be done from start to finish through the powers of the internet, including a way of communication on your website offers a customer comfort and increases your credibility. The internet has made many things in life easier and that includes scamming, so make sure to nip that fear in the bud right away by providing an email, phone number or even an address.

2. Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

A compelling CTA will be clear and catchy, but also appropriate in size. A CTA that is too big may drive customers away, but too small and it may be overlooked. Ensure an effective CTA by differentiating it in color, placement, and maybe even shape from the rest of the page.

homeeasy essential landing page features 2

3. Forms

First off, it is important to include a privacy policy in these forms. Emphasize your respect for their privacy and you will continue gaining your customer's trust. If the consumer does not trust your form, then this will reflect in the amount of leads you capture. Only requesting an email address is a good starting point. Generally consumers are much more liberal with their emails than their phone numbers.

For real estate and moving companies, an instant quote tool is an especially successful form that doesn't just generate leads, but also converts them by offering customers essential pricing information and the option to immediately accept the given quote. Take a look at MoveEasy's instant quote tool too see how we can help transform your website into a full-time selling machine.

homeeasy essential landing page features 3

4. Benefits Clear to Consumer

Lastly, make the benefits of your company straightforward to potential customers. Create a connection between your brand and potential leads through great and relatable copy that grabs their attention.

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