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5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business During Your Downtime

January 07 2019

hdc promote business during downtimeLet me ask you a question – what do you like to do in your "free time"? If you are like most people these days, scrolling through Facebook while sitting on the couch probably makes your list. But what if you could enjoy your Facebook time and still promote your business? Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

To help you keep your business rolling while still relaxing, we've assembled five ways you can do BOTH (that'll actually benefit your business).

1. Click That "Like" Button

Do you enjoy being liked? Does it make you feel good when something you've shared on social media receives a handful of likes from your friends? Well, the people you follow on social media feel the same when they see those likes on their posts! Let's turn a pretty simple idea into a subtle form of advertising for business. So double-tap that picture or click the little thumbs up in the bottom corner and give people a constant reminder of who can they come to for their real estate needs.

2. Make a Comment

Comment on posts that appear in your timeline. This takes a bit more thinking than clicking on a like button, yet can be more effective. Complimenting and congratulating friends are what I consider easier 'comment' icebreakers. The reason you should do this is that, not only will your friends see that you're actively online and interested in conversing, but their friends will also begin recognizing your name. Consider adding a comment in a subtle way to showcase your business through brand awareness advertising, but without any actual associated cost for that advertising. This is especially impactful when you can share your knowledge alongside that comment—just don't be too boastful.

3. Share Something That Interests You

Similar to the difference between a great conversation vs. a terrible one, sharing the things that interest you is far easier than worrying about how to share things for your business that your followers might like. Don't feel pressured to scroll through your pictures and find the best picture of your Saturday festivities. Simply find things that are interesting such as nearby events, activities, general news, hobbies, upcoming sales, or recipes.

For many small businesses, your core audience doesn't just invest in your product or service, but also in the person behind the scenes. Sharing your interests helps your audience get to know you better. The popular trend of 'locally grown,' 'locally harvested' advertisements we see in the restaurant industry is a great example of investing in more than just what's sitting in front of a customer.

4. Ask a Question that Opens Up the Conversation

Opening up the conversation is something I've always been taught to do in business. It isn't always as easy as saying, "How are you?" and someone spilling their life story, but it doesn't have to be very difficult either.

Try creating a poll. They're very easy to set up and widely versatile for just about any occasion. They don't have to pertain to business either. For example, you can ask seasonal questions such as someone's favorite holiday or Christmas movie. You can be light-hearted and ask questions such as the desert island game, what superpower would you want, thoughts on the latest Walking Dead episode, etc. You can also just ask these questions in a post, if you'd prefer, as it's easier than creating a poll—a poll is just more fun!

Asking a question is a great way to increase engagement and many of your friends will chime in if they feel compelled. However, creating a poll takes that engagement and adds a bit of fun into the mix. It turns a simple question into a little game for your friends and followers. Facebook and Instagram Stories features even allow you to create quick, easy polls that disappear after 24 hours. I actually created a recent poll on whether a friend of mine should cut his long hair or not. Unfortunately, the majority lost as my friend was the swing vote in the cutting of his own hair.

5. Private Message Your Friends

We are all guilty of pushing some of our friendships aside when we're busy; it's just human nature. Some folks are great with balancing work life with their personal life, but many of us are not as successful. Even the great Oprah Winfrey said, "You can have it all. Just not all at once."

You mustn't forget, not only are friendships good for us, but our friends can also be our biggest advocates. A quick private message to someone doesn't require much effort, yet is meaningful in maintaining that relationship. And, you never know when simply checking in to say 'hey' to someone could lead to you or your business being brought up in a later conversation of theirs.

So there you have it—five easy things you can do to help advertise your business while still giving yourself the chance to relax. All of these are simple in context, yet revolve around one core concept: building relationships. It's too easy to blend in with everyone else when you aren't trying to differentiate yourself, so spend a little of your downtime to create opportunities through connecting with others.

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