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Memorable Closing Gifts Your Clients Will Love

September 07 2018

fs memorable closing giftsAfter what seemed like an endless amount of time, you and your client have finally reached the finish line – your client's home closing day. Closing gifts are a great opportunity to show your client how much of a pleasure it has been working with them throughout the entire home purchasing process.

Closing gifts are also the perfect way for your client to remember you fondly after the home closing and hopefully refer you to friends or even hire you as their Realtor again sometime in the future.

Below, we've gathered a few gift ideas for you.

Tickets to Nearby Attractions

Say your clients just purchased a new home in a touristy area. What's a better way to get them to explore their new surroundings than by purchasing them tickets to nearby attractions?

Tickets to local fairs, amusement parks, zoos, theaters and even art galleries help your clients get to know the area with their family.

Personalized Home Decor

Getting your clients personalized decor that goes with a feature of their newly purchased home is a wonderful way to be remembered. If your clients' new home has a pool, getting them a gift like embroidered pool towels or a personalized thermal cup that they can use whenever they use the pool will remind them of finding and falling in love with the home with you as their Realtor.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Nothing says "The home search is over, it's time to relax" like an essential oil diffuser. Oil diffusers are all the rage right now as housewarming gifts because on top of being relatively inexpensive, they're also extremely calming and make homes smell amazing.

Home Plants

If you know your clients have a green thumb, buying them a dwarf fruit tree that they can put in their new yard is a great idea. If your client mentioned that they tend to forget about any plant that comes into their care, try buying them a plant that requires less maintenance. Succulents and cacti need minimal care, so choosing these types of plants are your best bet.

Subscription Box

Whether your client is really into makeup, trying to grow out their beard or just wants to spoil their dog– you can be sure that there's a monthly subscription box for their interest.

Subscription boxes are small, curated gift sets that come month after month for a small fee. Your client will appreciate how much thought you put into their gift and feel like you really listened to their preferences while working together.

You want your gift to be memorable and leave a lasting impression. However, there are a few things you should stay away from when looking to purchase a closing gift.

For instance, you should never put your face or your brand on it. That would only make the gift about advertising your business, when it's supposed to be something your client can enjoy.

Don't get them a gift completely irrelevant to their interests and hobbies. If while working together they told you that they don't like to drink, getting them a personalized wine glass set doesn't make a lot of sense.

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