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August Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Channels

July 30 2018

hdc august 2018 content ideasPosting fresh, unique content is one of the best ways to make an impact and grow your social media audience, but coming up with content ideas can be hard! Instead of spending hours trying to come up with topics, check back with us each month for a list of ideas you can expand upon. Find August's topics below to get started!

  • Tip: Sharing pictures of happy clients in front of their new home is great! Just remember to have them sign a photo release form first.

Download a printable version of these topics here!

Holidays and Occasions

Seasonal topics can generate a lot of interest in the days and even weeks surrounding them. Here are some of the things happening in August and ideas for creating content around them.

Back to school

  • Host or list back to school drives
  • Healthy snack and lunch ideas for kids
  • Collect and digitize area school supply lists

National Watermelon Day – August 3rd

  • Watermelon carving contest
  • Uncommon watermelon recipes
  • How to choose a watermelon

National S'mores Day – August 10th

  • Challenge followers to try different kinds of chocolate – ask which was best
  • Guide to gourmet s'moresGuide to gourmet s'mores
  • Create and share a s'mores Pinterest board

Left Hander's Day – August 13th

  • Ambidextrous things
  • Famous left handed people
  • Tips to set your home up for easier left-handed use

General Topics

Holiday content is great, but be sure to mix in plenty of general-interest topics to keep your content well rounded.

  • Pictures/recipes of summer foods
  • How to change a light switch
  • Planning a staycation
  • Best weekend getaways in your area
  • Ask people to share a picture of their pet
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Inspirational quote

Real Estate

As a real estate professional, it's important for you to discuss real estate topics on your blog and social networks. Some topics that may appeal to your audience include:

We hope some of these ideas are helpful and make it easier to reach your content-creation goals!

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