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4 Old School Lead Conversion Tips that Still Work in a Digital World

May 30 2018

wa old school lead conversionThe way people make purchasing decisions is continuing to evolve, so it's vital that agents continue to re-evaluate their sales strategies. The key is to find the perfect balance between persuasion but not being overbearing or too "salesy." Let's take a look at four old school lead conversion tips that still work in a digital world.

Be Real

In the digital age, you can be whoever you want to be online. When it comes to selling real estate, be real and genuine in the sales process. It's important to convey to clients that you value their business and not just the commission check.

Coming off too robotic or calculated may deter clients, but keep in mind it pays to be prepared. It is okay to gather info and have answers in mind for every question they ask, but just remember to let your client know you care about their best interest.


Attend events and network within the real estate community to find leads. Talk to people face to face and really put your name out there. Before LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, networking took place in person and not online. There are so many real estate events all over the country for agents to attend to network and find leads.

Nowadays, you can even take networking from the event online using these social media platforms to expand your reach and continue the conversation. Take business cards and contact people the old school way – via phone.

Know the Lead

Do the legwork and get to know the key decision maker who will determine if you make a sale or not. Research them on social media, find out about previous jobs they've held, find out where they went to college, etc. This information is a conversation starter and people are more likely to do business with someone they can make a personal connection with. Even if you feel you have nothing in common with the lead, just being a quality listener who asks questions can be just as impactful in terms of getting to know the lead to eventually turn them into a client.

Put the Prospect First

Don't begin the conversation by telling them all about your services and how you will find them the perfect home or help them sell their home. Find out exactly what the prospect is looking for and harvest this information to explain how your business is unique from competitors.

Really tailor your sales approach to meet your prospect's needs and you will find that you can help them achieve their goals by putting them first. In the digital age, you can give prospects vital information by utilizing newsletters, email campaigns and by sharing blog posts on social media.

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