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6 Emails Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Sending

April 12 2018

emerge 6 emails agents should sendIt's no secret that a great real estate agent focuses on building and nurturing relationships with leads, active clients, AND past clients. This can be a daunting task as one's sphere of opportunity increases, and many times relationships begin falling through the cracks.

No worries, though—by combining the magic of email marketing and well-thought strategy, even the busiest real estate agent can succeed at keeping in front of their growing audience regularly!

If you want to ensure that you are making the most out of your past, present and future clients, here are six top performing emails that you should absolutely be sending:

1. Introduction Email

When you gain new leads, it's imperative to introduce yourself—quickly. For digital leads, we recommend using both an email auto-responder AND an automated text message to let the lead know that you have received their inquiry and will be in contact ASAP. For leads that come via networking, business cards or other 'traditional' sources, you can set up a similar "nice to meet you" follow-up email that auto-triggers as soon as you add the lead to your database—and don't forget to set yourself a follow-up task to reach out again soon!

35-55 percent of people work with the first agent that contacts them.

2. New Listings Email

​Showcase your new listings with emails featuring gorgeous imagery, a great description, and just as important, trackable links such as "Schedule a tour," "Contact me about this listing", "View similar listings", "What's my home worth?" etc. With trackable links in your email, you'll be able to see exactly who is engaging with what content, so you can prioritize your follow-up. And make sure that the seller of your new listing receives that gorgeous email, too. They will be impressed with your awesome service along with being able to easily share the email with their personal network.

Real estate wealth is built on multiple streams of, work, hobbies, Facebook, etc. Make sure you are working at least seven streams at all times!
- Jeff Lobb, Sparktank Media

3. Open House Announcements (with RSVP)

In a previous article, we talked about the importance of promoting open houses online—and the very first item on that list is email announcements. Make sure you include high quality images, descriptions, directions, and the when/where details in your open house email. Take it a step further by including an RSVP button so you can see who plans on attending, and then create one or two auto-responders to run 24 hours prior and the day of the open house to remind your attendees of the details. Don't forget that follow-up afterwards, too, for both attendees and those who couldn't make it.

Open house engagement increased 42 percent with lead-in / follow-up email campaign targeting active buyers.
- eMerge subscriber study

4. 'Just Sold' Announcements

Want to tap your database to gauge who may be 'thinking' of listing their home? Show them how much they could potentially get for it with a "Just Sold" email. Doing this is as easy as an email stating, "This house just sold for $XXX,XXX. What's your home worth? Click here to find out!" and then link to a market snapshot / report. And then, don't forget to pay attention to who clicks that link AND make sure you've got your follow-up ready to go ASAP!

58 percent of buyers | 66 percent of sellers come from personal referrals.

5. Referral Ask | Reconnect Email

All good agents have a list of happy past clients that haven't been connected with in a while, but present an opportunity to build that referral base. If you are one of those agents, make sure to send a personal email designed to touch base, reconnect AND ask how you can be of service to that individual or their family and friends. It doesn't take much to remind people of your awesomeness!

Only 12 percent of buyers | 22 percent of sellers work with their prior agent.

6. Monthly Newsletter

Whether you have a database of past clients, active buyers and sellers, co-workers, friends, family, etc., make sure that you are providing them with valuable information and reminding them that you are the 'go to' person in your community for everything real estate with a fantastic monthly newsletter. Fill your newsletter with helpful tips, market trends, timely articles, local events and personal notations to help make sure you stay TOP OF MIND. And, once again, make sure you are paying attention to who's engaging so that you can strategize good follow-up to capture that next round of business.

20-30 percent of online leads will move to transaction in the next 12-months.

A Few More Cool Emails

These emails aren't necessarily mandatory, but they definitely fall into the category of awesome additional touches during the year: Seasonal or holiday greetings, birthday greetings, anniversary of house purchase, or a great local event or local partner that you'd like to showcase. People love to feel connected and remembered, so make sure you have a good balance of personal and professional in the email mix and you'll be golden!

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