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The Condo Project Lead Generation Success Plan

March 12 2018

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Somewhere today a real estate professional is asking, "How can I improve my condo project lead generation activities?" It is definitely worth the time and effort to improve, as getting the listing for an entire condominium project is an amazing use of economy of scale. You're concentrating your marketing, physical presence, and time in one location where you can end up with many trips to the closing table.

The normal approach is to put a new navigation tab on your agent website, label it something like "Condominiums," and put a bunch of descriptive and marketing content there. Luckily, you're reading this because you don't want to be just "normal." So how can you effectively market condominium projects, generate leads, and get to the closing table often?

Step 1: Think Niche

If you want your condominium project marketing to stand out, it shouldn't just become a segment of your existing marketing presence. It should be a niche market, much like you would totally differentiate yourself if you were a commercial real estate agent. It just isn't the same as single family homes, and you can't go to market the same way and create great success.

Action 1: A Niche Marketing Plan

Even if you didn't do this when you started in real estate, sit down and take a little time to develop a marketing plan bullet list for your new niche. Start with where you market now for your entire business or other niches. You want to quickly see where you're expending time, effort, and money in marketing and the different venues where you're doing it. Then see how you can create a presence in each for your new condo project lead generation project.

Step 2: You Need a Standalone Website

You should NOT be just dedicating a portion of your current website to this project. First, your listing client will not be impressed. They will, however, be quite impressed when you show them your custom website created just for this project. It's very inexpensive these days to do this, and the impression on the client is many times the value over the cost in time and money.

Action 2: Get a Domain and Site Working for You

Get a custom domain name right away, such as "" or something similar that brands the site with the project. Construct the site with navigation and content all specifically created for this condominium project. Don't use content from your main site. Have content about condo living, how it differs from single family home living in benefits, and some good data about the success and high occupancy of previous condo projects. Explain common areas and how the project is insured.

Then do extensive floor plan pages and as many photos, even during construction if you can. Show the quality of the work going into the project and the individual living units. If it's early, you can use architect drawings and renditions instead, but take more photos and do some video as the project builds out.

Step 3: Do the Same in Social Media

It doesn't cost anything to create a Facebook page for the project, a Twitter account, and even a Google+ Community. You want to leverage the exposure of your new niche website all over the web, and this is the way to do that.

Action 3: Post a Lot

Create a social media presence to highlight the project, post to these pages with announcements and link back to the website. Take photos during your showings, video if you can, and post them to the social pages and accounts you've created. Every time you get a deal, let the online world know through these sites. When you can get them, post testimonials as well.

Step 4: A Landing Page Strategy

While you're creating the content for the site, be informative and do all of the descriptive stuff you need to do. However, a crucially important task will be to create landing pages specifically for site visitors and condo project lead generation. You want to attract visitors to the site via SEO, PPC, and other marketing, but they must end up at some point on a landing page with a call-to-action.

Action 4: Bag Those Leads

Many condo buyers are first time homebuyers, especially young professionals who want to live near or in urban areas. They will want lots of information, so one example of a landing page for this group would be titled something like, "Do You Want to Buy a Condo or a Single Family Home?" Then go through the pros and cons, mostly pros of course, and explain the benefits of a condo, from security to lower insurance costs. Then create a "special report" or some other offering that can be delivered via email and place the call-to-action in a form next to the content.

Do this for multiple landing pages, each with a dedicated topic that is of interest to buyers, and have a strong call to take action on the page. Follow these four steps and you'll find that you will have to be looking for another project because you'll sell the first one out quickly.

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